Maker Mondays 6-8 pm each week

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    Members Monday 6-8 pm each week

    Join fellow Makerspace Members every Monday night 6-8 PM for food, music and common projects around the space.

    Wanna volunteer for the Makerspace a bit and not sure what to do? Have an idea that you think would improve the space and need help getting it happening? Need a set time to do your bit for the collective? Want to train other members on something?

    Well, THIS IS THAT TIME, ~ every week.

    plus… FOOD. Or maybe Chinese, Senor Frogs, we’ll work it out.

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    I added it to the calendar - remember: whenever someone asks how or when they can help: “MAKER MONDAY 6-8pm free pizza”

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    Maker Monday to do list:

    Help finish composter @fullmetalmaker
    Install window film (@arasbm picking some up, extra tape in Design Lab)
    Clean Hack Room table
    Clean Mud Room
    Organize Wood Shop (including redo tool hanging organization)
    Organize Office, Shops, etc.)
    Shelves for 1856 magazines?

    (pls add more as you think of them)

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    MakerMonday Tonight!
    Free pizza and help keep the space functional and organized.
    6-8 pm

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    An amazing inaugural Maker Monday - the crew installed installed film on 9 huge windows, saving the Space an approx. $331.86 in heating costs over the next 6 months.
    Pizza was Pepperonni, Mushroom, peppers and extra cheese. Pints were served seperately at Pizza Pi.
    12 more windows to go - see you next Monday night!

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    This Maker Monday:
    Window film insulation and mudroom organization (with Chinese food on the side.)

    If you have stuff in the mudroom to organize or remove, please do so.

  • Excited to be at the space tonight to hang out and do a bit of cleaning. I will mostly focus on the mudroom. See you tonight! :)

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    Maker Monday II : Another 6 windows filmed, the Lounge cleaned up a bit, new signs in the building, garbage taken out, bootroom cleaned and a great time had by all! Chinese food was delish, as were the bevs.
    All ending in a great game of Palago with the boxed tiles @kiles made for the Lounge. #mint
    Special thanks to everyone who showed up - you know who you are ;)

  • I had fun and the food was good! 0_1481088569692_PC050018.JPG

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    On the menu tonight: window film finale, signage upgrades, hackroom wtf? and Senor Frog’s soft tacos.

    Various tasks up for grabs:

    • organize wall slat-boards in wood shop - separate clamps, measuring and layout and tools
    • Window film shop windows
    • Organize mudroom
    • Sweep/mop floors
    • Where are the magazines in the front hall going?
    • Piano eject mission?
    • Lounge kiosk comp with Forum display
    • New signs: Core Values (Clean up, Donate,
    • More clean up signs
    • Start specs for shop coordinators (Lounge - Chainmail, Design Lab - Vaughn, Craftorium - Megan, Fab Shop ?, Wood Shop? Hack Room? Kitchen? Mudroom? Electronics)
    • Clean up wood shop lumber area
    • Work on Makerspace Inventory (see @tinfoilknight 's thread about how to do it and where to find the labels)

  • I’ll be there after work for a bit but It will be around 4 or 4:30. I can work in the hack room a bit and wipe down some stuff unless someone else is interested in an early start!

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    We got started early, thanks to @n0pe and his grime-fighting box of skritcheez!

  • Member

    Sorry dudes wasn’t able to make it today

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    Very good Maker Monday! Thank you and Props to @Nicholas @colin @sireatalote @kile @Jason @vaughn @n0pe @Krankin

    • Re-organized wood shop benches and tool wall boards

    • Swept, vacuumed and mopped from Fab Shop to Kitchen, up stairs to 3rd floor

    • De-grimed door frames and tables, etc
    • Cleaned electronics suite
    • Cleaned Hack space, moved Infinity Box to shelf, culled lots of garbage
    • Cleaned Fab Shop a bit

    Had Senor Frogs soft tacos - great company and humour, too.

    See you next week for Maker Monday IV!

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    MakerMonday 2 nite nite nite!

    Couple of fun tasks up for tonight:

    • design huge plywood Terminator hand with motors to attach to the outside of the building and wave at people.

    *proof-of-concept of small nuclear generator to power and heat space.

    • Multi-level car elevator - pros and cons.

    And probably some cleanup and window film…

  • I’ll be coming tonight/today

  • @Vaughn

    Those “servos” from the HVAC ducting are perfect for a giant hand or other slow-moving sculpture. 90 degree swing over 90 seconds at high torque. They need an AC signal to drive them though. Not a huge deal, you can probably do PWM and get speed control too.

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    Monday Maker props going out to @sireatalote @nathaniel @kile @Chainmaildave!


    • Reorganized tool board in Fab Shop

    • Plastic filmed another few windows

    • Swapped out laser computer cabinet and re-organized that area

    • sweep/vac/mop

    • Took out all garbages

    • Dishes done

    • Wiped down kitchen

    We had burgers and fries and apple pies ;)

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    Ill be away Monday, but here is the updated Maker Monday list, if anyone wants to fly at er:

    • Where are all the magazines in the front hall going? Fire code issue.

    • Woodshop: go through woodshop power hand tools, assess, sort, clean, sharpen, , re-shelf them, label positions, get rid of inoperable tools

    • Woodshop: tidy wood piles, cull junk
    • make list of basic hardware we should carry. where it should go. Bring to monthly meeting to discuss if we can afford to carry basic hardware and how we manage that.
    • Hackroom: cull 5-10% of obvious junk with @pierre and @mips input
    • Hackroom: strip 3D printer shelves and reorganize?
    • As usual, sweep/vaccum/mop an area or two. The 3rd floor hall, Design Lab and Craftorium are up next.

  • Classroom

    This looks like an amazingly efficient and relatively easy project which could be done from scrap materials to help organize the wood shop/ fab shop/ hack room/ anywhere with a couple square feet of free wall space.

    If we get some cleats up on a Monday we could throw up some basic shelves and follow up with customized hangers for different tools/ display pieces in time.

  • Design Lab

    Sounds good, @kile ! See you there tonight

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