• So I thought esp8266 would be handy to use. So I ordered a few to play with. esp 01, esp o3, wemos uno.

  • This is the set of instructions I followed to get a Wemo working …

    Using the example code, it is connected to the wifi at the space and providing a simple static webserver now. I’ll try to make it talk to a REST api next.

  • I’ve been rocking these guys for a bit:

    They are pretty rad so far and all of them that came in work just fine. I’ve gotten the webserver going successfully and used blynk to control an LED and other stuff remotely.

    I know some people don’t like the cloud services thing but I’m okay with a hacker controlling how bright my LED is or seeing how often my sump pump comes on for now. When I get smarter I will put a server in the house of my own making and control real things with these!

  • I’m going to try getting IFTTT integration up next, but what I really want is to be able to log into a server over SSH and send and receive text. I’d just set up my server-side to run as the login shell of that user and use an rsa key to secure the account. Super simple, and it would let me spew whatever diagnostic I like at the server-side.

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