CNC 3020 Operation/badge

  • Hey all.

    Just starting a thread to find out who all is interested in learning to use the 3020 CNC router. Aras mentioned that he might be willing to put on the course if there is enough interest.

  • Design Lab

    Im in for that
    @kile might be, too

  • Member

    I am in especially if the information transfers to the Sherline

  • Classroom

    I am very interested, was going to ask about this actually.

  • I’m always looking to get better with it. Hopefully my new bits will arrive soon and we can try some more complex projects, especially 3D. Let me know what dates are being considered.

  • Wood

    I’m definitely in for that!

  • Yoyo! Me too!

  • Member

    I’m interested!

  • Count me in!

  • Wow there is a lot more interest than I had expected! Here is the workshop, I hope you all can make it.


    CNC Router 101

    • Thursday December 1st from 6pm to 8pm
    • 40$ for non members, free for members
    • Host: @arasbm

    We will be focusing on the 3020 froggymill CNC router, but the knowledge you learn in this workshop will apply to using our Shapeoko CNC router and also will be useful for learning to use our milling machines. Here are some of the topics that we will cover:

    • Quick overview of designing vector graphics for CNC routing using Inkscape
    • Using Easle from Inventibles as an example of a CAM software to produce the code for controlling a CNC machine
    • Specification of the machine
    • Various cutting bit options
    • Material options
    • Setting spindle speed and direction
    • 3D operation versus 2.5D operation

    If there are any other topics you are interested, let me know ahead of the workshop and I will try to cover it. If anyone experienced with using CNC machines wants to help out with running this workshop, please let me know!

    I am so excited to help our new members get started with this awesome machine. See you on Thursday night :smile:

  • I’m in.

  • I have family in town Thursday night so I’ll miss this one but if someone pays real close attention maybe they can run me through after!

  • I’m in. Looks like fun.

  • Add me in as well!

  • Member

    dont think i can make it. i’ll have to go to the next one

  • I’ll be there. Looking forward to it. Jeremy

  • Design Lab

    That was a great primer for the 3020 mill @arasbm - thank you!

    And thanks also to Robert for setting up the mill at the Makerspace and helping get it going, etc.

    The following people attended and are now 3020 certified:

    Who did I miss? Please add them? Thank you!

  • @Vaughn

    I was there, so was @Chainmaildave

    I’m really impressed with the level of detail that blue foam takes. I look forward to doing some fairly complex 3d routing in foam.

  • Design Lab

    @pierre And I like your idea of ‘lost foam’!

  • @Vaughn I was there as well. @cindos

    Great course as usual Aras.

  • @Vaughn I did not come up with it. Hobby casters have been doing lost-foam casts for many years. I have not cast any aluminum since the mid '90s but really want to get back into it.

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