Arduino FM radio

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    Is there an instructable for this? Videos are great, but it’s nice to see how it’s made.

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    Cool, many thanks!

  • no prob. Post some pics if you start working on it!

  • its alive. It works and sounds ok! :)

  • Dude, I’m pretty impressed with the quality of the audio coming out of that thing!

  • I learned how to use the FM Stereo Radio Module RDA5807M and a LCD screen.
    I am only half way done seeing I already want to modify it. Im not all to sure how I will do it yet. I want to have it be able to be cordless. So I might use two small power banks to power it when its not plugged into the wall. I am thinking I might do an old school style radio for thee case. I can’t wait to use the laser cutter now. I didn’t have time to document more because I was working too hard and too fast. lolz

  • So I will also make it portable. It will have a usb power bank or two inside of it. Its a bit more then I wanted to do, A usb charger. Then all the normal gear I want to put in it. The nano and fm radio on proto board. the pc speaker controls, one button for changing channel, lcd screen, and antenna. Then make the case for it. Almost have all the wiring done for it.

  • My goal is to make it look something like this. One speaker spot. Lcd screen, one button below the lcd. Then pc speaker controls below that. Also might have clear acrylic on the back so you can see everything in it. Hmmm… Should I add solar panels to it also? lolz

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    Going to sound/look really cool once you get it into a similar enclosure, great job ronronron

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    Ill do the wood wrap design, just for kix. or maybe @kile is feeling left out…

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    @Vaughn, I kind of am… Feel like collaborating on the design?

    @Ron_Ron, I’ve been waiting to wet my beak on bent laminations. If you want to keep the curved top from the picture this could be a great project to do it on. It would involve making a form for the bent top piece, which I would feel better about if we were going to make multiples of the radio. I’m thinking that maybe this would be suitable for a fund raiser? If you are into doing a limited production run (I’m thinking maybe 5) we could try selling them to members. I guess we could also put together the parts as a kit and turn it into a workshop. I would take it…

  • @kile laser cut ply is an ideal material for this form. Should be able to do it mostly out of things in the scrap bin.

    I can bring in my steam cleaner if you want to bend hot and wet. Plywood can do amazing things when steamed.

    If you needed compound curves, 3-d printed forms and vacuum bagging get very interesting. I found my vacuum pump the other day, so we should probably set up to do some badass fibreglass stuff too.

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    @pierre love it! I’m definitely interested in getting really into it with the laminations. I was hoping to start with some simple one sided forms without steam (just using shitloads of clamps), which I think would suffice for this project. I’m also considering doing some bent slot construction stuff, so a two sided form might be required there (or possibly even steam, not sure until I play around more).

    I really like where you are going with this. Right now i’m picturing combining this kind of swoopy curved octopus thing with @Vaughn 's cybernetic seahorse seancey style radial construction madness and @Ron_Ron 's pulsating glowing wizardry.

    Okay, this is going way off topic now. This is a radio thread, time to start one for bent laminations.

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    Think live hinge is also a potential winner on this little cabinet - it looks fabulous and it bends and shit.

    Oh, and it allows sound to emanate from the enclosure better?

  • Just anothe module

  • So this is how it turned out.

  • The inside isn’t as nice. lolz
    It was a fast job. I hope I get to spend more time on the next one.

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