Fireplace Glass

  • I’m looking to replace the glass on the front of my fireplace in the house.

    I’ve been quoted at about $100 per square foot. Crazy. My dimensions are 15.5" X 19.25" by about 3/8" and I believe I’m looking for ceramic glass.

    I was thinking maybe you guys have some suggestions on alternate materials, or maybe someone knows a bit about cutting glass that want to go in on some raw material and are willing to help cut it.


  • @n0pe I saw some ceramic glass at princess auto for 1.71$. I have no idea why it is so cheap there. Here is a picture:


  • @n0pe I am going to princess auto tomorrow morning, I can pick one up for you if you like.

  • Excellent. That’s a ton cheaper than I’ve seen anywhere else. Sorry for the late reply but if you have gone already I will pick some up and see if I can cut a couple pieces to fit!

  • @nope If you’ve never cut glass before, I probably still have the tools and can show you how.

  • Hey. Last time I replaced fireplace glass it was heat tempered. This means you can not cut it with regular tools. If your going to try anyways, put on a face mask and have long sleeves.

  • @trunner nice catch there… I have cut a shitload of window glass. Had not even occurred to me that the ceramic stuff might be different. Maybe a wet tile-cutter with a diamond blade would be a smarter plan than the score and snap I was planning?

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