Edison Amberola V Phonograph

  • I had chatted with a couple people on hack night about my old phonograph and thought people may want to see some photos.

    The phonograph is an Edison Amberola V built between 1913-1914 and is in pretty decent condition. It belonged to my grandfather, my father, and now has been passed to me.

    A bit of history behind it. The Edison factory burnt down due to a fire in 1914 after which, the factory was rebuilt with mass production as a priority. That said, the Amberola V and it’s predecessors were built in much more in a “hands-on” fashion.

    It uses only Blue Amberol Edison cylinders that hold about 4 minutes of music. It’s wound up with the crank on the side which loads a spring and drives the cylinder(no power here!).

    Here’s a link to some photos. I am still evidently terrible at uploading photos to the forum in a manner that they can be viewed in the thread:


  • What a beauty!

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