Mechanical watch repair

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    I have a mechanical watch that has had the automatic winding weight come loose. From what I can tell by looking through the glass caseing, it is just screwed on with tiny, tiny threading. Sending it in would cost at least $150 but that is more than im willing to spend on this watch. So does anyone have watchmaking tools and/or expertise to try to help fix it?
    it’s the semi-circular piece at the top of the watch.

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    I can have a look, I was a watchmaker in a previous life in montreal. I’m in vancouver for a few days but I can have a look when I return.

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    @DCHydro Thank you. That would be great.

  • If DCHydro can’t fix it, talk to the jeweler at National Pawn (250-554-7700). I’ve seen him work miracles on mechanical things.

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