Carriage stop

  • I have been working on this when I have time for the past week. I built a soft stop previously that used a dial indicator but it wasn’t as useful as I thought it would be. The hard stop will make boring and turning to a specific depth simple. I can also use it to prevent a crash (saddle hitting the spinning chuck) when teaching someone to use the lathe.

    I made the retaining bolt to match the standard south bend bolt so I can use the same wrench I lock the carriage with to set the stop.


  • Just a few more pictures that might better show how the stop is used. The last pic shows both the hard and soft stops.


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  • image.jpg

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  • @Bishop thanks for sharing these picture, really cool!

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  • I didn’t like the idea if having two seperate stops on the lathe and I had the room to modify and improve the hard stop so I did. The soft stop is now on a movable bar so with gauge blocks and the 1" throw of the dial indicator I can accurately measure almost anything I put in the lathe.


  • that’s a really nice set up .well planned. I have the same lathe and love it. the hinge on my end gear cover is toast tho . pops open all the time then drops and rides on the gears . how is yours?

  • Thanks BCT, it turned out but that was mostly luck. I’ve had no issue with the gear cover on my lathe. If I remember correctly it was hinged on a heavy pin and casting. I can take a photo for you if you want?


  • thanks bishop but not necessary. it will be an easy fix one day.

  • This might be done now😁


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