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  • After seeing this inventor article, I thought this setup might be the way to go for a blacksmith setup at the space. Small, portable, under 75 dollars to construct… best of all, requires dismantling of common products and regular assembly. Basic solid fuel setup, so regular fire precautions. Let’s hear the comments…

  • I ran Tim Lively’s charcoal bucket forge for a long time: steel bucket, iron pipe, cat litter, sand, ashes. I used birch coals scooped out of the wood furnace at home, and a ducted fan with a reducer plugged into the variac as a blower. Super ghetto, but I made knives and replacement parts for antique firearms, and lots of lumps of metal that did not come out as intended for several years. Was probably the best frustration relief system that I ever learned about when I was a teenager.

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