68HC11 Serial Programming

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    Does anyone have experience programming a Motorola or Freescale 68HC11 over serial bus, or maybe know someone who does? Looking for some pointers on how to download an assembled file to the controller.

  • I am sure pierre knows how to! :)

  • That is funny. I did HC11 stuff in college. I actually have an EVBU specifically for programming them. Hand coded assembly for them for years. I also have a bunch of MIT Handy Board stuff which uses them.

    Unfortunately, it is all packed for my upcoming move… So I hope you don’t need it soon.

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    I’m not sure that I need any more hardware, I’m using the following setup to program them with a USB to DB9 serial adapter:

    0_1481741458862_68HC11 Serial Bootstrap.png

    I’m just trying to find some software (Windows or Linux) that will compile some assembly and download to the chip now. I’ve tried Telemark which just seems to be an assembler to creat an obj file, and Crossware that has a download option, but doesn’t seem to do anything when I click ‘download’.

    Any suggestions? Thanks!

  • AS11 on linux is super easy. GCC has a backend target for it so you can compile C code. Check out what the handyboard guys did for good docs and how to build stuff for them. I’m pretty sure Triffid Hunter is still very active in the maker community. I could dig up the DOS software I used decades ago too, but I think it relied on the BUFFALO firmware.

  • There is a bootloader program and executable here: https://www.seanet.com/~karllunt/bootload.htm

  • You might also want to ask @MIPS also. I am sure John likes to play with that kind of stuff also.

  • And if you really want to be adventurous, I have some code here: https://github.com/dhylands/projects/tree/master/host/srec for reading srec files, which I’ve used over the years for various bootloaders.

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