MakerSpace Annual General Meeting 4 PM Feb 4, 2017

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    The Kamloops Makerspace Annual General Meeting is scheduled for February 4, 2017 at 4pm.

    Nominations for the 2017 Board members opens January 1st, 2017. Please nominate those willing people on this thread.

    The following items are on the draft agenda:

    2016 Year in Review - a 5 minute report about Kamloops Makerspace operations in 2016 + recommendations going forward.
    Presenter: @arasbm, Makerspace President 2016

    2016 financial report + recommendations for fiscal management going forward.
    Presenter: @Nicholas, Makerspace Treasurer 2016

    Elect a new Makerspace Board.
    Facilitated by @megan-fenkhuber

    Open Discussion about the future, our wishlist, any questions or concerns, etc. including what events, operations and aquisitions to focus on in 2017.
    moderated by @vaughn

    What else? PLEASE ADD YOUR THOUGHTS, everyone?

  • What if someone puts their name forward to be a board member but that person is unsuitable to be a director? What is the best method for dealing with that other than silently not voting for them?

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    So, I’m going through the bylaws and doing some mark-ups. I have a few questions. I think that it would make sense for anyone interested to meet ahead of the AGM and discuss potential changes and language for these. Would sunday Jan 29 work for people?

  • Sure. I found these other sample bylaws that give more detail.

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    @kile I saw Nicholas and Aras last night at Maker Monday and we are aiming to meet at 4pm-6pm Monday Jan 23 to discuss Board transition. Could this be a time to discuss the by-laws as well?

    I havent had a chance to look at them closely - thank you for going over them.

    So far, @arasbm @Nicholas and myself are available for that - anyone interested is encouraged to attend.

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    @Vaughn I’m still in Edmonton then (back the 27th) but I could Skype in if it could be arranged

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    @kile oops, sorry I see that now. Yes, skyping into the Lounge would be awesome, and a good capability to develop anyway! What do we need to do?

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    @Vaughn a laptop connected to the TV with an HDMI cable, Skype installed, and a Skype account signed in could put me there in near life size. There are also many other video conferencing programs out there, if someone has a preference for and ability to set it up using another one i’m game for that too.

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    @kile Skype will work - Ill see who I can convince to help me get it setup! Can you wear an anonymous mask for this, though? Epic effect.

  • I can get @kile connected and on the screen on the day of.

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    Thanks @nope!

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    @pierre you had said before that you weren’t terribly interested in being on the board. However I would like to nominate you anyway and hope you will take this opportunity.

  • @Chainmail having @pierre on the board would be really awesome. I second that nomination! Let’s see if we can convince him :)

  • I have been put in charge of organizing the election and nomination process. I have read through our by-laws and the sample by-laws and have come up with the following:

    Board Positions

    The by-laws state:

    1. The chairperson, treasurer, and three or more other persons are the directors of the society.
    2. The number of directors must be at least 5 and no larger than 9.

    Positions Mandated by By-laws:

    Chairperson of the Board:
    • The chairperson presides at all meetings of the society and of the directors
    o Chair general and extraordinary meetings
    o Shall have such other duties and powers as the board may specify

    Chief Executive Officer/President:
    • The chief executive officer of the society must supervise the other officers in the execution of their duties
    o Carry out the duties of the chairperson when he or she is absent
    o Shall have such other duties and powers as the board may specify

    • The treasurer must:
    o keep the financial records, including books of account, necessary to comply with the Society Act, and
    o render financial statements to the directors, members and others when required.
    o enter into contracts on behalf of the society when directed to do so by the directors through a resolution or by members if directed to do so at an annual general or extraordinary general meeting.
    o perform other financial duties as determined by the executive
    o All books of account must be available to members for viewing upon request

    Suggested positions

    • If appointed, the secretary shall attend and be the secretary of all meetings of the board, members and committees of the board.
    o The secretary shall enter or cause to be entered in the Corporation’s minute book, minutes of all proceedings at such meetings; the secretary shall give, or cause to be given, as and when instructed, notices to members, directors, the public accountant and members of committees; the secretary shall be the custodian of all books, papers, records, documents and other instruments belonging to the Corporation.
    o Shall have such other duties and powers as the board may specify

    If one is to be appointed, shall be a director.
    • If the chair of the board is absent or is unable or refuses to act, the vice-chair of the board, if any, shall, when present, preside at all meetings of the board of directors and of the members.
    o Shall have such other duties and powers as the board may specify.

    Chief Security/IT Officer:
    If one is to be appointed, shall be a director
    • In charge of security and information systems in place, including:
    o Implementing and maintain building security
    o Ensuring communication streams are in place for all members to receive notices (from the board, of meetings, etc.)
    o Maintaining order
    o Shall have such other duties and powers as the board may specify

    Fundraising and Community Liaison:
    If one is to be appointed, shall be a director
    • In charge of overseeing and organizing fundraising initiatives, including:
    o Working with the treasurer to secure grant funding
    o Seeking out opportunities for the Membership to get involved with community activities which may or may not provide remuneration to the Makerspace (ie: Hot Nite in the City, Rivers’ Day, Meet a Machine, Farmer’s Market, Library programs, Halloween, etc)
    o Shall have such other duties and powers as the board may specify

    Director of Maintenance:
    If one is to be appointed, shall be a director
    • In charge of overseeing all maintenance of the property within which the Makerspace resides, including:
    o General repair and upkeep
    o Emergency repairs
    o Snow removal/Lawn/Gardening
    o Sanitation – Garbage removal, general cleaning
    o Shall have such other duties and powers as the board may specify

    Director of Membership:
    If one is to be appointed, shall be a director
    • In charge of overseeing membership, including:
    o Maintaining an active and up to date roster of members in good standing via communication with the treasurer
    o Recruitment initiatives
    o Issues with member interactions/behaviour brought to board attention
    o Shall have such other duties and powers as the board may specify

    Election process

    According to By-law 25:

    1. The directors must retire from office at each annual general meeting when their successors are elected.
    2. Separate elections must be held for each office to be filled.
    3. An election may be done either on the forum, or by ballot as decided by the current directors
    4. If a successor is not elected, the person previously elected or appointed continues to hold office.

    According to Robert’s Rules:

    1. Motions relating to Nominations. If no method of making nominations is designated by the by-laws or rules, and the assembly has adopted no order on the subject, any one can make a motion prescribing the method of nomination for an office to be filled. If the election is pending, this motion is incidental to it; if the election is not pending, it is an incidental main motion. It is undebatable and when it is an incidental motion it can have no subsidiary motion applied to it except to amend. It yields to privileged motions. The motion may provide for nominations being made be the chair; or from the floor, or open nominations as it is also called; or for a nominating committee to be appointed; or for nominations to be made by ballot; or by mail. [See Nominations and Elections, 66.]
      Closing and Reopening Nominations. Before proceeding to an election, if nominations have been made from the floor or by a committee, the chair should inquire if there are any further nominations. If there is no response, he declares the nominations closed. In very large bodies it is customary to make a motion to close nominations, but until a reasonable time has been given, this motion is not in order. It is a main motion, incidental to the nominations and elections, cannot be debated, can be amended as to the time, but can have no other subsidiary motion applied to it. It yields to privileged motions, and requires a two-thirds vote as it deprives members of one of their rights.
      If for any reason it is desired to reopen nominations it may be done by a majority vote. This motion is undebatable. It can be amended as to the time, but no other subsidiary motion can be applied to it. It yields to privileged motions.
    2. Nominations and Elections. Before proceeding to an election to fill an office it is customary to nominate one or more candidates. This nomination is not necessary when the election is by ballot or roll call, as each member may vote for any eligible person whether nominated or not. When the vote is viva voce or by rising, the nomination is like a motion to fill a blank, the different names being repeated by the chair as they are made, and then the vote is taken on each in the order in which they were nominated, until one is elected. The nomination need not be seconded. Sometimes a nominating ballot is taken in order to ascertain the preferences of the members. But in the election of the officers of a society it is more usual to have the nominations made by a committee. When the committee makes its report, which consists of a ticket, the chair asks if there are any other nominations, when they may be made from the floor. The committee’s nominations are treated just as if made by members from the floor, no vote being taken on accepting them. When the nominations are completed the assembly proceeds to the election, the voting being by any of the methods mentioned under Voting, [46], unless the by-laws prescribe a method. The usual method in permanent societies is by ballot, the balloting being continued until the offices are all filled. An election takes effect immediately if the candidate is present and does not decline, or if he is absent and has consented to his candidacy. If he is absent and has not consented to his candidacy, it takes effect when he is notified of his election, provided he does not decline immediately. After the election has taken effect and the officer or member has learned the fact, it is too late to reconsider the vote on the election. An officer-elect takes possession of his office immediately, unless the rules specify the time. In most societies it is necessary that this time be clearly designated.

    I know this is a long post but I felt it was best to have it all in one place

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    @megan.fenkhuber, thanks for pulling this together!

    I would advocate sticking with a smaller (IMO the minimum of 5) person board. I have found larger groups can really increase the time it takes to deal with each issue. Any important issue should go to a subcommittee that consists of a director and multiple members, so everyone gets a chance for input, but the process is still streamlined.

    To me it would make sense for us to have a secretary and a membership director, in addition to the chair and treasurer. I am wondering if a CEO/president is required (this supervisory role is currently not utilized unless i’m mistaken), maybe we should revise the bylaws to remove item 41, and get rid of the mandate for this. I feel like the other roles you outline could possibly be served by committees, and do not necessarily have to have a director position associated with them.

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    @megan-fenkhuber thank you so much for this timely and informative post, which I think was as short as it could have been considering it induced the pertinent Societies Act clauses and our own related by-laws.

    I’ve been super encouraged by the cogent discussions going on in the Space on this transition and the developments forming - I think the ingredients are in place to elect a good new board, with the benefit of a dynamic and capable foundation laid by those who have come before us.

    It is my experience that roughing out the best results of an AGM BEFORE the actual event is the sign of a healthy and thoughtful organization - when consensus is built on clear communication, a shared understanding of common good and respect for the strength of our differences, it is durable.

    I look forward to everyone’s participation and commenting. This is a good place to share ideas on what the board should look like, and how it can do its job(s) with the minimum of work and the maximum of enjoying of the Space!

    Remember: being on the Board is like throwing the party, no matter how good the party, you are the one working.

    I will comment again, but thanks @megan-fenkhuber and @kile for your words. Mucho appreciated.

  • After completing my research, I feel it would be in the best interest of the organization to have a vote on the make-up of the board. There have been several members who have contacted me both for and against expanding the board. I believe that it should be put to a vote before the election process commences. As well, I agree with @Vaughn that we should have a clear plan for the AGM.

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    @megan.fenkhuber, voting on this sounds like a good idea. I would encourage those with opinions to voice them here in the interest of open and transparent discussion.

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    My bullet point input:

    I am willing to join the Board with the support of all members. I beleive I have contacts, skills and experience that could be of value, but I know from long experience that it is a LOT of work to do it right and to truly represent the interests of the membership.

    Having said that, I am also quite happy to NOT join the Board and have another great year of volunteering and helping build the space!

    I would like to suggest that if a person joins the Board, they should be ready to do at least 10 hours per month on Board business alone - that is on top of everything else you are doing both inside and outside the Makerspace. Having ‘do-nothing’ board members can be a real problem that leads to burn out of the ‘do-everything’ board members.

    I believe the Board would be best numbered at 5 to efficiently facilitiate the business of the Kamloops Makerspace. 7 will also work, but I dont believe it need be.

    I visualize a board of 5, which splits up the work load evenly. Each of those 5 board members form sub-committees of (hopefully) non-board members, splitting the work load up even more, while empowering each cell to get its job done and not suffer overlap or duplication.

    The model I am familiar with includes a Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary and Treasurer - all heading sub committees that address issues such as communications, memberships, security, plant, etc.

    I suggest there are two main meetings per month - a general membership meeting in which we agree on plans and a Board Meeting that executes those plans and the practical business of the Society.

  • Hi Everyone,
    I just wanted to express that I am very thankful and content to see that so many of our talented members are stepping up to take care of our society business for the coming year. A few months ago I started reaching out to people and tried to express that I had been overwhelmed with the amount of work on my shoulders. Now several members have stepped up and have been helping out and we continue to distribute our responsibilities. Due to some life events, I had to leave the country for over a month and go to my birth place in Iran. When I came back home I was so pleased to see that not only the makerspace had not collapsed or vanished, but it had thrived! You may call me an optimist, you may say that we are running a social anarchy; I say that our wonderful makerspace community is evidence for itself that this is clearly working and is something we should be proud to have created for ourselves.

    I have not seen many nominations for board members, and I can think of many many members that would do a great job if they joined the board. I wish I knew who all is interested in being on the board. Please don’t be shy and if you think you can make a positive contribution to our utopian anarchy, please let us know!

    That being said, I want to echo what Vaughn said above as it resonated so much with me:

    "Remember: being on the Board is like throwing the party, no matter how good the party, you are the one working.”

    Based on the conversations I have had over the last few months, I would like to nominate the following people to be on our new board of directors (in no particular order):

    Again I apologize if I missed someone who is interested in being on the board. You should let us know!

    It is probably a good time to say a huge thank you to @Chainmaildave @Nicholas @tinfoilknight @Bradley-Maker @Ron_Ron who were on our board of directors over the past year. I know that it was a rollercoaster ride and I am very thankful and proud to have been on your team.

    I look forward to seeing everyone at makerspace tomorrow! :smile:

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