Volunteers for January Library Program

  • Hi Makerspace,

    On January 25th from 6-7:30pm we’re hosting a take apart night for teens at the North Kamloops Library, where we’ll dig in to some old computers and other things. We would love to have one or two makers come out and share their knowledge and expertise with our teens! Let me know if you are interested.

  • That sounds fun. I’m not sure what I’ll be doing this far ahead, but I’ll try to make it. Are there any tools or hackables you need for the night? We can likely bring some hardware and tooling if you are short of anything.

  • Wonderful!

    Tools would be very helpful! We have a couple of screwdrivers, a hammer, and a pair of pliers as the sum total of tools at the library, so anything else would be very appreciated.

  • So… Dremels, safety glasses, oscillating power saws, torch, hacksaw, safety glasses, hammers, chisels, hot knife, heat gun, an assortment of screwdrivers (including the anti-tamper ones) etc might be in order. Oscilloscopes, meters, test gear…

    Do you have a curriculum planned? Like random dis-assembly vs a more structured “This part is connected here and is part of this subsystem to do this thing…”

    Also, how much do we assume that the participants know? What do they want to know when you are done?

  • Design Lab

    I would suggest sticking to tools that do not burn, slice, pinch or crush for a public event with kids involved.

    The Makerspace has quite a bit of hackable stuff we could donate to tear apart with screw-drivers, plyers, side-cutters. Stuff like old printers, computers, projectors, ect.

  • Any tools would need to be safe for teens with no training to use - so basic things like screwdrivers, pliers, hammers, etc. Safety glasses would be very welcome if you could provide some!

    In terms of curriculum, the focus is for teens to have a chance to look inside tech that they may or may not be familiar with, so more on the side of random disassembly and discovery. The Makerspace’s expertise in explaining how parts work would be very much appreciated though!

    We have some old computers and other pieces that we will be bringing in. We have a small workspace, so it’s probably best not to bring more items to disassemble than we will have room for.

  • Design Lab

    Shall a MakerSpace member(s) sally forth on this, or are we too busy?

  • We would still love to have a member come out and share their expertise with us!

  • Design Lab

    I notice the 25th is a Wednesday, which is our weekly MakerSpace open house called Hack Night. This will limit who is available for an away mission.

    Maybe someone will pipe up…

  • Design Lab

    @TNRDLibrary Ive asked around, and unfortunately it appears that we dont have any one able to send for this, unless @pierre (who is super busy, too) is able and willing to follow up.

    However, the idea was floated that perhaps we could figure something out for the future - we would like to partner and grow with the Library.

    One thing of note here: every Weds we host Hack Night Open House, and its all hands on deck for that. Could we discuss another night (Tuesday seems likely) that might work in the future?

    Thanks and I hope you have a great Hack Night - let us know if theres anything you need that we can provide, especially hackable stuff or tools we can lend.

    @kile nb this partnership opportunity further to your research at ETNS in Edmonton

  • I’ll do the library on Wednesday night. I’ll try to stop by the space and grab a small box of simple tools before then.

  • Design Lab

    @pierre Thats great!

  • If anyone finds themselves at loose ends at the space, you might throw together a small bin of “handy stuff for take-apart-night” for me… Nothing we need for hack-night obviously, but it’d be handy to have a starting place.

    I might take the draw-bot too… Because it is a shining example of upcycling random garbage into an educational tool.

  • Thanks so much @pierre! We’ll be very excited to have you here. We’re definitely interested in future programming partnerships too, and would love to talk about that more.

  • I grabbed some screwdrivers and prybars today. And the drawbot. I’ll try to cook up a quick draw bot demo tonight. I’ve got some tools in my truck too. (Wrenches, pliers, chainsaw etc.)

  • Design Lab

    @pierre use your power bandsaw to disect a machine in one well-calculated pass.

    “We dont remember days; we remember moments.”

  • I did not bring the bandsaw… But the cordless chainsaw should be sufficient I think.

  • So the participants were younger than anticipated… But they were enthusiastic about participating in their own re-enactment of the Butlerian Jihad. They had some thinking machines to destroy, and by Eris they were going to reduce them to trash. I assisted as best I could, explained how to spot components that will bite you (glass, unexpected sharp things, capacitors etc…) and also gave some pointers about how to spot the easy ways to disassemble something if you ever want to put it back together again…

    I did not wind up firing up the draw bot, or needing any tools other than the bigger set of channel-locks from the truck (pro-tip: smaller kids need longer levers!) but it was fun, and I look forward to going to future events with hackable themes.

    Thanks for inviting us @TNRDLibrary and I’m hoping you will talk a bit about the upcoming knitting event… Some of the Craftorium folks might be interested.

  • Thanks so much for coming out @pierre! It was a great event, and the kids certainly created some impressive carnage.

    Our teen event next week ( Feb 1st) is an intro to knitting night. If there are folks from the Craftorium who would be interested in lending a hand they can certainly let me know! I’m a knitter myself, but an extra pair of hands (or needles) would be welcome.

  • @megan-fenkhuber knits, crochets and runs the knitting machine. Ashley loom knits, I think that maybe Michelle knits too. Not sure who is available, but a demo run of the knitting machine might interest some people who have gift giving or other volume projects in mind… You can really crank out the custom knitted stuff on the machine.

  • Hi,

    I just read this https://www.kamloopsthisweek.com/turning-page-kamloops-library-modernizes/ that mentions space for Kamloops Makerspace in the library modernization, but I can’t find any details on what the space might actually be for.

    Can anyone fill me in?


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