Paying your Makerspace dues by E-tran$fer

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    All Makerspace Members are encouraged to pay their monthly dues by E-transfer to (password: makerspace).

    If you have fallen behind, no sweat, but please do catch up ASAP as the Space depends upon its membership dues and donations to be stable and grow.

    Makerspace Memberships:
    Drop-in Membership: $50/month - access when Keyholder is in building
    Keyholder Membership: $100/month - 24/7 access
    Family Membership: Add $25 to membership for whole family

    Wednesday evening is Hacknight Open House - all are welcome.

    Thank you to everyone who has contributed time, skill, money, connections, talents, tools, supplies and all the other things that have gone into making the Space successful.

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  • @Vaughn where did you get the address? Pretty sure it cannot be correct.

  • I’ve used in the past.

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    @pierre its a ‘typo’. Feel free to use the edit function to effect, as I have.

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  • how much is the fee, out of curiosity. ive only shown up once, and donated a ton of old comp stuff…i assume this is required to use the space so… im also cooking an idea right now that i may need help with…and i’d like to use the space :)

  • $50 gets you a drop in membership, $25 extra for your whole family. That gets you into the building any time the space is open (key holder is present). The advantage of membership is that you can come in on days that are not hack night and machines are much more available. The advantage for the space… Is that we have money to pay rent, heat and power bills. :)

  • @pierre thanks for the quick response…ill have to think about it :)

  • @ELIND my advice at this point when someone is unsure if a membership is good for them is to pick a month when we are offering one or more101 sessions on things that interest you. Then you’re only effectively paying $10 more than the first course to be able to come in all month and try things out. Additional courses that month are freebies. If you don’t find coming in on nights other than hack night fulfilling, there is no obligation to remain a member.

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