Grow Shelf, anyone?

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    We had some stray stuff come up from the basement, including parts for an indoor grow system. If anyone wants it, please take away before next Wednesday ? If no-one wants it Ill take it to Value Village.

    @Chainmaildave will post a photo of it.

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    ![0_1482357680232_1482357667208.jpg](Uploading 100%)
    Nope I won’t because the forum won’t allow me to

  • Is the ‘grow system’ the one we built for farm 2 School? If so, I will take it and donate to the community food center.

  • Some sort of wooden bench hydroponic setup I think.

  • I’ll come tonight and check it out.

  • @Shelaigh it was a complete aquaponics set-up

  • @sireatalote who had it before? Any reassemblage instructions would be greatly appreciated!?

  • I can seriously sweeten that deal! I have 9 complete outdoor 175w Metal Halide light enclosures from some signage that I converted to LED recently. I would love for them to find a new home. They are expensive and very heavy duty units that I understand work great for growin’ stuff or would make excellent outdoor security lights. Just let me know and I’ll arrange for you to get them.

  • @robert That sounds awesome. I am prepping for demo projects in a green house for educational purposes with Farm2School. Where can I get them?

  • I have them at my North Kamloops store (Señor Froggy). If you let me know when you’d like to pick them up, I’ll arrange it for you.

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    Awesome, @Shelaigh - the grow-stuff is in the middle of the Lounge, ready for immediate pickup! Thanks.

  • @Vaughn I took it last night ( unless there is more?) thanks!

  • @robert I can pick up today/ tomorrow or after boxing day? Thanks soooooh much!

  • @Shelaigh it was mine I had no space at my dad’s otherwise I’d still have it

  • The sooner the better. They are ready for you at the north shore store Whenever you are ready. Ask any staff member and they’ll set you up - they are anxious to get them out of their back room.

  • @robert terrific- can I go this eve? Otherwise tomorrow am

  • Sure, anytime is good. They are ready for you.

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