Building Access and Procedures

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    1. The Makerspace is ‘open’ when there is a Keyholder in the building. Please click ‘Space is open’ on the forum.

    2. We are trying to be ‘open’ from noon-9pm, mostly @Chainmaildave and myself holding the fort. Love to see more scheduled Keys in the building.

    3. When all Keyholders leave the building, drop-ins leave with them.

    4. When the last Key Holder leaves he/she must:

    • Lock all fire escapes from 3rd floor down (includes 3rd floor hall, Woodshop, Fabshop, front door and back door). DOUBLE check that back door is properly locked and closed - its sticky.

    • Turn off the coffee pot and any other heaters, elements etc.

    • Click ‘Space is Closed’ on the forum.

    • Turn off all lights, except Mudroom and outside back light (switch by fridge in Mudroom).

    We have had a few minor issues with coffee being left on, doors being left unlocked and wide open, lights on, etc. Please help to ensure we keep it together.

    Thank you.

  • Printing this list out (in big type) with a title like “Exit Checklist” and putting it on the inside of the back door seems like a prudent thing to do.

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    Sounds good, @dhylands - maybe laminate it while you’re at it. But I thought we should test drive / proof it here first.

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    Door was wide open and unlocked when i arrived today at 3pm Monday

    Kevin was not here during the time in question.

    Not sure who was here and how it happened, but we need to tighten this door thing up!

  • The “Space is open” button was live this morning when I went to town, but I’m fairly confident the door was locked. I tried it and it didn’t budge, then turned the “Space is open” indicator off. That was about 9:30 this morning, so it was some time between then and now.

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    @n0pe I was here from noon-1pm today and it was closed and locked when I left. I came back at 3pm and it was open and unlocked.

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    Idea for improving drop-in access:
    What if drop-in members were able to ‘book’ open Space time somehow? For example, a drop in member might say (post, actually) “I would like to work at the Space on Thursdays 5-8 pm - that works for me”, and then Keyholders can, hopefully, say “Know what? That works for me, too - Ill open the space at that time for you.”
    Not sure of the mechanics of this - maybe just a Drop-In Access/Booking thread in the Forum? Update the calendar with that info?

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    It also occurs to me now that we are almost always open Monday and Weds nights, and Thursday workshop nights are mostly booked and therefore the space is open then, too. Those are predictable ‘open’ times.

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