Members Meeting: Sunday Jan. 15, 2017 4 pm

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    We talked about this at Maker Monday and thought it would be better to move this forward to the 15th!

  • Thanks @Vaughn that certainly fits my schedule much better.

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    I should be able to make it and if not I’ll find time!

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    Sounds good, I can volunteer to chair or take notes if need be.

    As far as the agenda it seems like the AGM should be discussed as far as planning and ensuring the relevant info/documentation is available, as well as board/nominations. The last monthly meeting/potluck had a lot of great discussion as well, I think circling back on a few of those topics after everyone has had a while to digest would be an excellent idea if anyone has specifics that they would like to have discussed.

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    Proposed Agenda Items (Members, please add items, as required?)

    • Keyholder apps - @kile and @n0pe (others?) are applying for Keyholder membership. Keyholder apps require two vouchers for and no two against.
    • AGM Feb 4 - discuss agenda items and visualize 2017 Board? Review by-laws?
    • Building Lease - discuss lease revisions and provide oncoming Board with guidance on moving forward.
    • Family Day Feb 13 - plan?
    • Mighty Makers workshops - do another 6 week session? @vaughn
    • Workshops for Winter 2017 - plan one every two weeks (Thurs nights). @vaughn
    • Scorpion CNC mill install into Fab Shop - @tinfoilknight

  • Can we brainstorm a bit on the “space is open/closed” indicator? It would be great to get some ideas brewing on how we can ensure accuracy, etc.

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    How are we doing with regards to monthly membership retention?
    Would there be time, at the meeting, to discuss creating annual membership fees?

    Members are currently paying $600 & $1200 total, if they continue for the full 12 month.

    Over the past year,
    lets compare the total number of people who signed up for at least one month, with the total revenue from membership fees… What is the average annual contribution per member?

    If the numbers justify it, we should consider offering a discounted annual membership fee, this incentive may help with our financial stability as well helping to bring in more longterm keyholders.

  • Retention is quite low and has been addressed at a past meeting where it was dismissed as “not an issue”. I would like to see it addressed. I will try to get the list together again but it is tight on time.

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    Hey folks, sorry I can’t be at the meeting tonight, but I’m on my way to Edmonton to do some research for school. Here are a couple of things that have been on my mind:

    • last time someone mentioned the AGM is our opportunity to amend/adopt by-laws, I’m just wondering how to access the current bylaws to review them.

    • in regards to membership/retention I think keeping the space open for drop-ins on a regular schedule would go a long way, people like being able to plan when they can work on their projects. Would it make sense to give a small discount to people for scheduling their time to keep the space open? I’m thinking something in the ballpark of a $75 key holder membership for someone willing to book 8 hours a month to man the fort. I would happily do two 4-hours shifts for this discount (if my key holder app goes through, please oh pretty please guys and gals). From the space’s point of view we are paying someone about $3/hr to guarantee that drop-ins have an idea of exactly when they can access the space (a huge benefit from the point of view of a current drop in). If 4 or 5 people were willing to do this it could have a sizeable impact in converting/retaining members. Monday and Wednesday are guaranteed to be open in the evenings currently, if we could get another couple days a week locked in it raises the value of the $50 membership substantially.

    • Family day booth: I am interested in manning the booth for the day, but i’m out of town until the 27th of the month. I will have time in the two weeks before the event to build the booth and organize demos (please volunteer your projects on the family day thread).

    • In regards to the forum open/closed sign, I think it would be a dream to have a physical switch that is attached to a lit sign (see K3 edge lit acrylic box for example) that toggled the forum button. Any arduino/pi/whateverelsewouldwork pros in the house?

    Sorry to miss the meeting, but I look forward to seeing how the discussion went

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    @nope @tinfoilknight @Bradley-Maker @Krankin @Lawrence @ornatesapphire @Chainmaildave @sireatalote @jsonb @derpko @n0pe @nicholas @vaughn

    Chair: @tinfoilknight
    Live minutes: @vaughn


    Keyholder apps - @kile and @n0pe (others?) are applying for Keyholder membership.

    AGM Feb 4 - discuss agenda items and visualize 2017 Board? Review by-laws?

    Building Lease - discuss lease revisions and provide oncoming Board with guidance on moving forward.

    Family Day Feb 13 - plan?

    Mighty Makers workshops - do another 6 week session? @vaughn

    Workshops for Winter 2017 - plan one every two weeks (Thurs nights). @vaughn

    Scorpion CNC mill install into Fab Shop - @tinfoilknight

    Open Hours and open/closed issue


    New Keyholders Apps for Jan 2017: @n0pe and @kile
    The following was suggested for guidelines for accepting new Keyholders:
    Must be an active member 2 months
    Two nominees, no two votes against
    By secret ballot

    **@n0pe and @kile are unanimously voted in as new Keyholder Members. **

    AGM Feb 4 2017 4pm at Makerspace
    Potluck and gathering at noon, meeting at 4pm, dinner at 6pm

    @arasbm will do a 5 minute talk about the successes of 2017

    @Nicholas will do a financial report and recommendations for going forward

    Review and ratify system for deciding on and implementing policy and SOP’s

    Suggested that Board roles be more formalized, including:
    Chair, Treasurer, membership coordination, Secretary/correspondence,

    By Law review and Board role formalization

    Potential Board members: @tinfoilknight (Treasurer), @kile, @vaughn, @Chainmaildave, @Ron_Ron, @Bradley-Maker, @megan-fenkhuber

    Members who are not present and would like to join the Board are encouraged to nominate through this thread or at the AGM.

    Building Lease:

    The new Board will work the landlords to refine and improve the lease. Nicholas will generate numbers that determine what is affordable.

    It is noted that our lease does not technically allow us to have garbage and materials building up outside the building - including in ‘the cage’. We are rowing towards having less of it out there.

    Mighty Makers Workshops:

    There is demand for more of these workshops - @vaughn wanted to check that it was a supported idea.

    Vaughn notes that he would be charging privately for the workshops and then paying and honorarium to the Space, to avoid any conflict of interest.

    Workshops for Winter 2017

    It was suggested that workshops are planned and scheduled NOW and then get it ready for that date. @vaughn plans to do a Laser 101, an airbrush, and logo, and vinyl cutting. @kile has some great potential workshop ideas. @derpko
    has ideas.

    It is suggested to schedule YOUR workshop now, well (6-weeks?) in advance and figure out the details in the meantime. Book it NOW.

    It is suggested that every second Thursday could carry a workshop. Lets do it!

    Scorpion CNC mill install into Fab Shop - @tinfoilknight

    Grant says its a spicy meatball - it was mounted on a very sturdy wood bench. It is a CNC milling machine much larger than the ones we currently have. It is a re-manufactured mill, seriously upgraded to CNC.

    Scorpion Technology is giving it to us on a long-term loan to purchase. A log book of hours worked against will be required.

    Maker Monday help with that -

    Open Hours and open/closed issue

    How can we schedule Key holders to increase our open hours more consistently?

    @kile has suggested a discount for members that commit to sit the store.

    One member suggests that discounts can make things confusing and that the membership cost is already low.

    Adopt a day? Vaughn has volunteered Weds 10 am - 6 pm, who else would like to volunteer for a few hours a week?

    Keyholders that might be available to ‘book’ days are encouraged to speak up. We are all spending time here - all it takes is to schedule it for drop-ins benefit.

    A light switch that changes the status of the space - who is doing it? Apparently @arasbm @toxuin @Ron_Ron

    Meeting adjourned at 6:15

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    Another Idea instead of the light switch was possibly getting a raspberry pi along with a touchscreen running 24/7 with the idea of only running the forums on it (general makerspace acc) near the entrance so it is easy to close/open the space by the door. It is more costly than a light switch and programming software but it is just an idea that has been thrown around.

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    I love the idea of an actual, ‘always on and glowing’ touch screen with an open, always logged in forum account, that a person who is arriving or leaving can easily see and change open/closed’ with the touch of a finger. It has to be wall mounted and always glowing. It doesnt need to be swoopy, either.

    @derpko and other smart people, can we outline what is needed for that and how we can obtain it? This is a real HOT BUTTON issue - i have $20 to throw at the gack.

    Can we have it done for Feb?

  • @Vaughn We can get this going with relative ease. Me and @derpko talked briefly about it yesterday. I think we can grab a raspberry pi and a tiny 3.5" touchscreen for somewhere around $100 that should do the job.

  • As a drop-in member, knowing the space is open or closed is one thing, knowing how long it’s going to be open for is another. Is “space status anxiety” contributing to low member retention?

    @n0pe @Vaughn Instead of a pi running a browser to click the forum button, how about:

    Have the door pi (or doorduino, I’m agnostic) allow a keyholder to easily set and update a timer or closing time,
    The door pi can tweet when the space timer is set, eg “KMS will be open for 4 hours until 8pm”,
    The forum button can be replaced with a twitter feed for the KMS status account,
    As a backup in the case of door pi failure, keyholders could tweet open/close status.

    It would be fun to take this on as a project, but it would take me forever to get to. I’m happy to contribute toward funding the parts, if someone more savvy at programming could take on that aspect.

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    @Torren this is exactly what I’m talking about with having a discount for key holders to volunteer in advance for open times. I would like to have this discussion again at some point in the future. A tech fix is great, but ultimately what we are talking about is having a key holder agree to the open times. People respond to incentives…
    Thanks for speaking up

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    @kile I wanted to say that your proposal for this was not discussed in full at the January Members Meeting - we touched on it, but it should be re-visited when you are back!

  • @Torren Here is a previous forum thread on that subject. We never did finish the timer but we do have a Twitter account.

    If you tweet from your own account with #kmopen @makerloops will automatically retweet your tweet. Anyone who follows @makerloops will get the notification.

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