Wood shop issues

  • We had an incident last night. Our one working chop saw ate the guard. Pieces flew everywhere. It still spins. The bearing sounds like it needs replacing.

    The other chop saw makes noise but the blade doesn’t turn. The arbor appears tight so I suspect some kind of clutch or gearing is broken.

    The radial arm saw needs adjusting. I was having a hard time understanding why I couldn’t make a straight cut. Then I discovered that the blade is not parallel to the travel of the saw. It cat walks. Also when you swing the arm to make an angled cut it changes elevation.

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    Also, my trusty Dewalt palm sander I left for general use bit the biscuit last night too! I will try to fix it, but bottom line is that a palm sander is real handy up there so Ill find another one or two to add to the new cleat tool racks that @kile has cooked up. #makermonday

  • The wet/dry shop vac does not mean wet and dry at the same time. Michelle found the vacuum half full of wet rotting sawdust. Someone just vacuumed up water on top of a half full vacuum. If you need to vacuum up water be sure that the vacuum is empty first and that only the wet filter is installed. When you are done vacuuming up water empty all the water out and put the dry filter back in.

  • We have placed on long term loan a delta chop saw that was given to us by Michelle’s dad. It is new old stock. Practically new because it only saw really light work. Old enough that it didn’t come with a finger guard. Heavy enough that I had to brace the table.

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