LED grow light workshop

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    Hey folks,

    I’m looking to craft a couple more DIY LED plant lights, and hopefully build off the lessons learned from last years designs.

    If there is an interest in this project, I would like to make it into a ‘build your own’ workshop.

    I will be ordering the parts soon, so if anyone has thoughts on this please contribute them below.


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    I would be interested

  • Very interested too. If your getting into a group buy for the LEDs make sure to post about it!

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    @pierre what kind of LEDs are you looking for?

    Here are my initial thoughts for some simple builds…

    Timber grow lights has a super simple design that I would like to price out and copy.

    A lower cost option might be to build with led beads.

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    I’d take this one, and buy a kit or whatever is required…

  • I’m more into components than $500 kits… I was thinking about building something that wall mounts or hangs from a ceiling and is full-spectrum. I’d like to grow peppers and basil and a few other things year round. Basically a Click-And-Grow setup, but awesome and DIY and without their proprietary pods.


    My boss had one in the office for a while and it was pretty cool. But I want to play with growing different things. Climbing strawberries would be pretty cool.

    I think that with the right automation, I could actually set up a wall in the bedroom, and have it fade in the light shortly before I get up in the morning and get a neat circadian rhythm tool as part of the deal. I’m not sure if it’d have to red-shift at night to get the benefits though.

    @Bradley-Maker had some tube-style LED grow lights at one point. Maybe he can tell us about them?

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    I’m in as well! Showed the “click and grow wall farm” to the girlfriend and she wants one for the apartment. I would be very into coming up with something modular to create smaller style grow boxes that could lock into an expandable shelf system.

  • I am interested. Have a bunch of heavy duty signage lights that apparently would work well as grow lights (dontated by a member) that we could use? I am no electrician so need some advice/instruction!!!

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    @Shelaigh I would love to see these lights, are they at the space? It would be hard for LEDs to match a metal Halide for growing, ugh… tomatoes : )

    LEDs will be great for starting plants and simple herbs though

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    @jsonb keep in mind metal halide lamps while they are good for vegetative growth suck for flowering stage for that high pressure sodium are optimal. Basically for growth and flowering the 2 key kelvin ratings for plants are 2600k and 6400k with some benefit from small amounts of ultraviolet and infrared. ;-)

    Led has the added benefit of being low in heat dissipation and directional. All other lamps will create more heat, electricity costs, and loss of lumins from non directional light…shades and reflectors help with directing but not as efficiently.

    Wiring is easy, I can help with that, a number of years ago I worked for a hydroponic lighting distributor. Just my 2 cents.

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    When it comes to leds for growing cree leds are pretty hard to beat. Building a switchable from veg to flowering mode would be kick ass.

  • @jsonb they are at my studio- you can come and check them out this weekend or I can post a picture? They are heavy (duty) i imagine they would put off some heat. I want to use some of them in the green house im building this spring- a smaller led system for seed starting may work better. I want to build a grow shelf similar to the one Bradley and I made for Farm2School. I may be able to get a good deal on lighting components if we are purchasing bulk- a client owns West Coast Garden supply. I would like to see if these lights could be fashioned for grow lamps as i am trying to be cost effective and upcycle!

  • @DCHydro it would be awesome if you could advise on these lights that I have- they are heavy duty…not sure about the spectrum and kelvins- I would like to use them on an aquaponics system & in a green house eventually. They may be too much for seed starting… plus they are very heavy.

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    @Shelaigh as far as seedlings go and plant size…the size of bulb/watts doesn’t really come into play except as a limitting factor…so basically…you cannot “overlight” plants but cost wise you can throw money away…seedlings or clones can be rooted using a small flourescent or led lamp…or using metalhalide…the led and flourescent are just cheaper to buy and run…but once roots are there…get as much light as you can muster along with adequite airflow to remove heat/moisture/give plants fresh air. Ideally airflow should be from below the plant for optimal intake…especially if using co2.

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    @Shelaigh any metal halide or hps fixture can be used or fashioned to make a grow light…it’s just a mater of angles and removing heat and focusing on which part of the plant that is important

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