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    On May 18th, 1980, for my 10th birthday, I was given a brand new pachinko machine by my parents. We enjoyed it in the family room for years before I moved out when I was 18. After that, I dragged that fricken pachinko machine around for the next 20 odd years, SWEARING that someday, somehow, my beloved Pachinko machine would live again…

    I brought the dirty, forlorn, non-working Pachinko machine here when I became a member, hoping to clean it up and see it work again.

    When I got back in August from holidays, someone had cleaned it up!

    Then in October, I found a spot in the Hackroom that it would fit and I hung it there.

    John @MIPS ordered gold-plated balls and got it running, after some disturbingly efficient locksmithing.

    Tonight, on January 7th, 2017 almost 20 years since it was last played, I played a full on round of Pachinko on that machine. I laughed. I cried.

    I do not know who cleaned that machine up, but would like to know.

    Then only thing left is to wire up the lights so it is a comforting mood light in the Hackroom.

    This machine is on loan from my collection - please enjoy a game of Pachinko on your way by.

    Life is good.


  • Dude… that’s incredible! Way to go, guys! Great effort getting it cleaned up and working!

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    still needs a crazy makerspace wide LED system that obnoxiously flashes when someone gets a jackpot… XD
    (Nice work everyone that got this thing working properly once again!)

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    The machine won’t pay-out for some reason now. Maybe Majic @MIPS can jiggle the right filbertflange or actuate the corresponding gadja-doodle. I tried and all I got was a tour of the floor picking up 1000 gold steelies…

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    Wow that is awesome.

  • Design Lab

    Its working perfectly again, thanks to @MIPS!

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    I would love love love to add crazy, 24/7 lights to this thing. I’ll pay for the gack.

  • It has been done. lolz. Crazzy leds going on there.

  • Can’t wait to giver er’ a rip :-) My god parents had one very similar in their games room and I have many fond memories of chilling out watching the balls drop as the adults drank and played pool. Good times!

  • @Nicholas and I were playing with it (mostly admiring it) last night… I’m looking forward to the crazy LED’s now.

  • It worked out well.

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    @Ron_Ron mind:blown

    you’ve outdone yourself on this one ron!!! I cant believe how deadly it looks!!

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    This post is deleted!

  • This post is deleted!

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    Soooo deadly! I couldnt leave last night, cause I couldnt quit looking at it!

    Aaaand check this out!!!:

  • This is cool also

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    @Ron_Ron that late night work paid off!

  • Always does!

  • @Vaughn
    Vaughn and I must be on the same page. Posting the Ben heck show at the same time. lolz

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