Pachinko Machine

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    @MIPS please order another bag of gold steelies - ill shoot you the $65 when I see you.

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    @pierre agree 100% on the wild mix of materials, but lets keep it doable. Admittedly, this group changes my established parameters of “do-able”. I am trying to adjust.

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    @Vaughn, so doable. I like the idea of using a bike chain, with the gears and pedals to turn it. It would actually be turned by a little motor on the other side, but you could make it look like something was peddling it. Could expand that into a pretty hilarious fake Rube Goldberg machine

  • I’ll just leave this here…

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    Man haven’t played that in years - I love the direction this pachinko machine is heading in :D

  • On the boring end of things a simple worm gear could lift them to the top.

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    @pierre, love the link! That game is my earliest memory of non-console gaming.

    Something along this vein could be fun too.

  • Maybe an addition later in time.

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    I would like to declare that on this day, March 16, 2017, my Pachinko machine (circa 1980) achieved Singularity, after 36 years.

    It is packed to the gills with gold-plated balls, oiled, lubed, well-hung and fully operational, courtesy @MIPS ! It has an amazing, one-of-a-kind, programmable LED light light rig and renewed original lighting system by @Ron_Ron! It has a sweet lasercut catchbox (outside the cabinet), and smooooth, lush lighting programme by @kile that nightlights our H4CKroom beautifully!

    It is a show and conversation piece that punches waaay beyond its weight.



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