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  • Wood

    Hey all, a friend of mine has a group of people that would like to do a tour of space on Thursday at 130 January 12th. I’m thinking it will be a 5 to 10 ppl maybe more?. I was wondering if anyone is available…? I don’t have a key but would be there to help facilitate if needed.
    @Vaughn @arasbm @Chainmaildave

  • Member

    Assuming I am having an ok day that day I will be there

  • Design Lab

    yes i can do this @DCHydro

    adding this to the shared calender is best - when, who, what,etc

    what group is it?


  • Wood

    She is an occupational therapist and this is one of her groups that she does regular sessions. Beyond that I have limited info other then possibly some new members maybe? I thought it would be a good thing when she brought it up. @Vaughn

  • Design Lab

    @DCHydro i can do 1:30-2:00 pm on thurs, then i have to jet. do you want to put this on the calendar, or wing it? thanks

  • Wood

    @Vaughn I think I have put it into the calender but it doesn’t seem to show up…so maybe it takes some time to update, not sure.

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