Family Festival Booth at TCC Feb 13 10am - 2pm

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    We received an inquiry age through our facebook from KMAC McDonald at City of Kamloops about doing another booth at Family Festival Feb 13th at Tournament Centre.

    I didnt do this one last year, but apparently the Maker booth was a hit last year and they are hoping for Makerspace participation.


    @arasbm @Nicholas

    They would like to know by the 17th

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    This sounds fun, I can be there the whole time. In addition to all of the project demos we could have there, I have an idea to make the actual booth very interactive as well. Instead of explaining it here I will mock it up at the space in the next little while and make the pitch in a later post with some photos.

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    We need to let these folks know sup on Monday - @kile do you wanna take the lead on this?

    I can display Cybernetic Seahorse Seance, some golden calipers and the blender staff, if that helps. Cant commit to show time, though.

    Who else is into manning the booth?

  • I will have to wait and find out if I have it off

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    I don’t mind taking point in lining this one up, as long as there are one or two others that can staff the booth, (keep in mind its a stat holiday). Those demos sound great, I’ve got a couple laser cut pieces as well. How about some electronic gadgets and small/medium/large/GIANT robot arms? @Ron_Ron I’m looking at you. @derpko, arcade time? How much work is the wind tunnel to get up and running? Any other ideas?

  • If I have the time off I can be available for this also.

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    OK @Kile I contacted City on this and told them Makerspace is in and you are point.

    Please email asap to touch base and coordinate.

    Use this thread to refine the plan and keep the peeps in the loop.

    THANK YOU - our partnerships with the City are key!

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    @Vaughn, sure thing. Do you happen to have a first name to go with kmacdonald?

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    @kile I believe it’s Kathy but I’m only 90% sure XD

  • @kile it’s Kelly McDonald.

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    Bumping this post as the event is coming up and we have some details to sort out! We are looking for volunteers.

    WHO has Monday, February 13th off and wants to hang out at the Kamloops Makerspace both for at least 30 min between the hours of 9:30 and 2:30? If dealing with kids isn’t your bag then we could still use one or two to set up and take down (the first and last half half-hour respectively).

    If you aren’t free on the day but you have COOL $H!7 that you made and want to show off then PLEASE Let Me Know! I would like to get a personal demo from you for any item of kit that we bring so that I can at least turn it on and do basic troubleshooting (if applicable). I will be at the space today a couple of hours before the AGM today if this works for anyone. @Vaughn can you show me the totes today? @Ron_Ron, what you got? @derpko you should probably just leave the arcade box with me until the event so I can make sure it works. . .

  • I have that day off. I can put in some time. I was thinking of laser cut dinosaurs.

  • Unfortunately I am in Vancouver that weekend, but I would have loved to have been there! Sounds like you guys have some awesome stuff planned!

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    @kile i can help from 9-noon. we can saddle up at the space and peel down there

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    At hack night this week we are going to pull out the totes and make sure that they are organized for the Hackathon event this Saturday, and the Family Festival event Monday. If you have anything that you would like to have demoed then it would be great to see you for hack night tomorrow.

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    You can take the iris I have made up that is sitting on the shelf under the corner window in the lounge. I’d like to go but I have a feeling I’ll be sleeping most of the day away, Brad has me working all weekend.

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    I will be attending as well with my minicade box

  • Looks like I have the 13th off. I can go if we need bodies in chairs.

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    Awesome @pierre and @derpko , looks like we will have a pretty solid contingent forming. Unfortunately I haven’t packed totes yet, and won’t be able to hit the space tonight. @pierre, if you want to take any lasercut swag for tomorrow please feel free to grab the completed KM stool sitting in the design lab (also cardboard one in lounge if you like, just don’t try sitting on them stacked), and the palago tiles from the shelf in the lounge. I now plan on packing totes Sunday evening (lets face it, it will be last minute), so if you could have everything you take that will also be used for family day back for midday Sunday that would be prime.

    Good luck at the Hackathon!

  • Sounds good. I’m running some stuff in tonight to get the hackathon set up. I’ll tear it down Saturday night or Sunday morning and it’ll be packed and ready for the family day stuff hopefully

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    The forces are massing at home base around 9 and heading up to the TCC for 9:30.

    If you are going on your own before 10 am, do not use the main door (it will be locked). The best place to park is behind the science building in lot S. The best door to use before 10 is the one behind the pool where you can see the waterslide come out of the building (also near science building).

    Our booth is #20 (near the gymnastics).

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