Out with the old and in with the new

  • Brian at Scorpion has graciously decided to give us the medium sized CNC milling machine on long term loan. We can earn full ownership of the machine by doing some prototyping work and possibly some small production runs. This machine has been built better than new. The castings have been deburred and all of the original fasteners have been replaced by better quality ones. There is only one logical place to put this machine and that’s in the fab shop in the corner wh neverere the steel range hood is sitting. This means stuff has to go.

    There is a gear box, possibly from a washing machine, a radial arm saw that has never been assembled since arriving at the space, a really nice Milwaukee metal chop saw, an ancient battery charger, welding stuff, drafting arm, and so on. Also a gigantic steel hood.

  • Please help rehome these items as we need the space.

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    i’d be interested in the Drafting arm

  • @Krankin It was Vaughn’s. Now it’s yours. It’s sitting on the range hood wrapped in shrink wrap.

  • That barrel, frame and 90 degree reduction gear is for the composter. I will be working on it at hack night tonight. @fullmetalmaker has let us know what needs to be done to get it finished and out the door so we’ll get some things looked after and do so.

    @Ron_Ron I think he mentioned you were going to help with programming? We can chat about what it needs this evening when you’re there, or Sunday. I think we need a prox on the sprocket that counts a pulse per rotation.

    @Vaughn I heard you might be painting also. We can chat for sure to see if there’s anything needed to get set up for that.

  • @Bradley-Maker do you want your radial arm back? If not, I’ll find it a home. I know some people who would love it.

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    I have someone to take the radial arm saw as well as the metal chop saw if nobody minds. He’s a good guy, I work with him. He helped me fix my van and wants to come check out the space soon when he has spare time.

  • Far as I know there are two chop saws there, both on loan. One is mine, the other one is Nick’s… They have slightly different capabilities

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    If the Milwaukee metal chop saw is functional shouldnt we keep it in the Fab Shop? Definately handy?

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    I could use the battery charger…since my truck hasn’t really liked this cold weather.

    I say keep at least one chop saw and with other stuff trying to find the original owners would be best before giving away.

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    What size is the hood? I’ve been thinking about a paintbooth perhaps this would work, what size aprox?

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    @tinfoilknight cool, i’ll take a look this weekend and pick it up

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    I was thinking I’d come by for the hood and battery charger if they are still up for the taking…Saturday I think.

  • There is also my milwaulkee portaband that is on loan to the space. I might take that one back now that the power hacksaw is operational. I’ll probably at least take it and my Tig welder back short-term once I finish clearing my garage a bit… I have some welding to do and it’ll be handy to cut up the bar stock.

  • There doesn’t seem to be any objections to any of the stuff being removed so go for it.

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    Not sure what the status of the Fab Shop Milwaukee chop saw is (is it Makerspace equipment or on loan?), but it is a useful tool for the fab shop - especially with the new mill coming in. Can it stay?

    @pierre that Milwaukee power hacksaw saw is an excellent tool - I used it briefly the other night to adjust a small piece of metal to fix a circular saw. It is in the woodshop under the workbench.

  • There are two chop saws in need of repair in the wood shop. They should be returned or scraped.

    There is another radial arm saw dismantled and stored under the three phase radial arm saw. We could either build it to replace the existing radial arm saw that has issues or return it. The issues that the radial arm saw has is that the blade is not square to the direction of travel and therefore catwalks. The arm changes elevation when trying to make an angled cut so it corkscrews rather than swings.

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    I took the battery charger, the hood vent is a little big for me to move…I think it should go to scrap recycler for money or sell on Kijiji for money.

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    What’s the plan with the small squirrel cage blower in the corner?..I think it may be an odd voltage given the twist plug. It came from graphic printing machine Dave an I ripped apart in the summer… I’ll take if there are no objections or if it isn’t spoken for.

  • I can take a look and see what needs some space. Even if it is just temporary reassignment until the CNC milling machine is installed.

  • I think Aras owns the old battery charger.

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