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  • Industrial Hobbies ZAY7045FG had been made CNC. Here is a link to a manual for reassembly. The machine weighs about 1000lbs. Our machinist recommends putting it on a table about 24 inches high so that the work is at a comfortable level. The stand will also need wide feet to sit on the wooden floor.;topic=19303.0;attach=27531

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    Cool name.

  • Feel free to use the Tig welder and portaband to fab up a table that’ll hold 3000 lbs or so out of those bed frames in the pigeon cage. Once you start to actually throw a big shell mill, fly cutter or get a harmonic going, you will find dynamic load that exceeds the weight of a little machine like that. You don’t want it falling on you.

    There should be a mostly full green bottle of 100% Argon, and some steel welding rods. The tungsten in the welder is doped for steel welding… you need a different one for aluminum. Oh, make sure there is airflow in the metal shop if you fire up the Tig, Argon is heavier than air, and you cannot breathe it. :)

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    I completed the housing/legs/shelf for the Scorpion Mill table last night. Looks like @tinfoilknight has the table surface almost levelled by Richard Gear. @sireatalote is expiditing the sheet metal drain pan.

    We also have two phat clip lamps for light - need 2x100watt equiv. bulbs for them.

  • the metal is brittle so we have to get different metal thus I’ll be taking to my dad tonight if he has anything to give/sell cheap (as it’s not my metal at the house)

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    The woodwork for the mill table is complete.

    Need to:
    take it downstairs
    add metal catch pan
    add 1x4 surround to marry the top top edge and the metal pan edge

  • There’s a core2duo with 2G RAM and an nvidia GPU sitting by the CNC controller. It has linuxCNC pre-installed on it and the mobo has a parallel port(I’m assuming that’s how it interfaces with the controller!?).

    User: cnc
    Pass: same as wifi

  • @n0pe cool! Does it have room for more ram?

  • @arasbm two slots both taken but I’m sure we could find a couple of 2GB sticks somewhere!

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    @n0pe there is a good amount of ram in the hack room. there are two 4gb sticks with metal heat sinks that I was thinking would be good in the hack room computer (it has 3gb currently), but if the mill station needs them that is fine. there are also a few 2gb sticks there if 4 would be enough

  • @kile I saw that. I typically try not to mix manufacturers, etc. but I will take a closer look in the next couple of days if no one else has beat me to it!

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  • So, have you guys managed to get it running yet? When I left scorpion it still wasn’t completely sorted but I don’t know what happened to it after that. By its condition I can assume it did a good job of collecting dust and holding down a table top.

  • @Highbeam it’s been reassembled on a table in the fab shop. I need to reconnect the wiring and @pierre says he has the tools to make sure the mill is squared up.

  • Getting it to cut true just needs us to tram the head relative to the table. I think we need to re-plumb some of the coolant and lube stuff too.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Fun thought. When you set up a computer for general use could you put the password for it on a piece of tape. The mill is connected and the computer is hooked up and ready to go. I can’t get past the login screen to do a function test.

    If someone has a monitor arm so that we can mount the monitor, mouse, and keyboard to the wall that would be great.

  • I set one up and left it beside the controller. Password should be same as wifi if I remember correctly.

  • Then I must have the username wrong. I’ve tried all the username and password combos I can think of.

  • @Grant-Fraser , earlier post…

    @n0pe said:

    There’s a core2duo with 2G RAM and an nvidia GPU sitting by the CNC controller. It has linuxCNC pre-installed on it and

    User: cnc
    Pass: same as wifi

  • Grant worked on the mill tonight an managed to figure out the login.
    Unfortunately it seems something about the end stop on the bed has malfunctioned and it was allowed to travel past where it should. The lead screw bearing block has come apart into several (not broken) pieces and a large number of small ball bearings have spilled out (they are all accounted for) I inspected the block and removed it for inspection. It appears that it can be reassembled instead of needing to be replaced (they are not cheap) however I need second opinions on how exactly this is done. It should all still be next to the machine.

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