OpenMV Cam is live on Kickstarter

  • I just thought I’d share that OpenMVCam just went live on kickstarter today.

    Check it out here:

  • That is very cool!
    @dhylands did you order yours already?

    The shipping is pretty high for Canada. But if we find 5 people that are interested we can get the bundle of 5 and save on shipping. Cant wait for it to come out, that camera is going to be a lot of fun to play with.

  • @arasbm I signed up for a 5-pack. I want 2 of them, so the remaining 3 would be up for grabs.

    The shipping for a 5-pack is $39 (or about $8 each)

    If there are more people interested we can get somebody else to sign up for another 5-pack. I’m happy to pick up the slack, or I can probably work something out with Michael (the guy who created OpenMV Cam).

  • @dhylands Awesome! Please put my name on one of them. I will have the 56$ (239/5+8) ready for you next time I see you. Thanks!

    So there are two more left that people can claim! :smirk:

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