Wintertime is WORKSHOP TIME

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    Hi everyone,

    Winter 2017 is in full swing and now is a good time to plan and schedule workshops. Workshops, 101’s, demos and gatherings are the best way to enjoy and support the Space, upgrade our capabilities and keep the learning happening.

    It is important to note that Makerspace Members are under ZERO obligation or pressure to host workshops or volunteer or anything - this message (and a lot of my spouting off) is meant to coordinate and set the stage for those that do enjoy and have time for it.

    I would like to suggest that we try to do 2 workshops a month, at least. As we usually do a laser 101 every month or so, it should be no problem to fill the other thursdays.

    I have booked a Laser 101, an Airbrushing Basics and a Vinyl Cutting on the calendar.

    Am I totally ready for these workshops? NO, I am not!

    But, I have learned from doing this stuff for years that if you book them early you ARE ready for them and, better still, civilians have a chance to PLAN FOR THEM, book them and fill them.

    SOOOOoooooo, I am suggesting that other talented peeps BOOK their workshops NOW - go to the Google shared calendar (message me your email if you haven’t been invited to edit yet) and take a few Thursdays that are weeks or months from now and THEN worry about being ready.

    @kile lasercut glow box with @Ron_Ron lighting system?

    @arasbm and @Ron_Ron still LOTS of interest on Arduino 101

    @tinfoilknight Scorpion CNC Mill 101

    @Bradley-Maker how about another lathe 101!

    @Craftorium sewing or perlers or one of the other cool things you guys do?

    @vaughn another logo 101, mighty makers, kids night?

    @n0pe share your knowledge?

    @jsonb mentioned an LED workshop

    @Pierre has threatened to do a metal/machining workshop

    @derpko 3D modelling? other?

    @Chainmaildave chainmail? lil boxes 101

    @colin another try on the oscilloscope, with more lead time?

    Who am I forgetting? Anyway, hopefully this generates some booked 101’s etc waaaay ahead of time.

    Thank you.

  • Alright, I’ll take a crack at a “how to run a metal lathe to do basic things” session. I’d likely have to do them one-on-one, just because of the nature of the work. You want to operate the machine to get a feel for how and why it cuts the way it does. I figured I’d source some materials to do some simple project… options I have in mind right now are:

    • Screwdriver
    • Spinning Top
    • Metal Pen

    Something where you can learn to do some combination of turning and facing metal to size, knurling for grip, threading, boring and maybe broaching a hole in something. If I can source some inexpensive free-machining brass, that’d be an ideal material to start with… Cutting hard stuff is farther along the learning curve… If you have a different simple project in mind, maybe we’ll start a thread to talk about it.

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    @pierre this sounds great!

    If you like the Thursdays idea, Thursdays March 16 and 30 are open, as is April - wanna pick one and pull the trigger?

    If its one on one, I wonder if it needs its own ‘format’ - could others just observe? I sure would, but want to leave the learning op open for someone else.

    Anyway, thanks for the shout, Pierre - you have so much knowledge to share!

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    I will try a norse wire weaving workshop again.
    @pierre I am in for your machining workshop

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    @pierre sounds great, I’m extremely interested as well. Spinning top sounds fun. For another spin on the metal pen, do you think it would be easy to make a striking knife for use in woodworking?

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    @Vaughn, sounds good! I would like to propose Laser 203: Introduction to Box Making. I envision outlining a few of my projects and describing some of the design considerations for boxes to perform various functions (store records, refill pachinko machine, enclose hardware for edge lit acrylic, store tools, store Palago tiles). Learning outcomes will include1) gain experience in design and layout for the laser cutter, 2) introduction to laminations of materials that can be laser cut, 3) two-sided registration on the laser cutter, 4) introduction to designing finger joints, slot construction, and hinges for the laser cutter.

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    For Laser 203 I like March 30, 8 people max. First half will be tips and tricks with a couple of demos on the laser, second half will give people an opportunity to work on their own box design project with feedback from the group.

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    @kile thats great! You’ve done so much fine work on the laser already - thank you for sharing.

    I added it to the calendar with a ‘draft’ description - update or change it as required.

    I set the times for 6:30-9pm - is that right?

    OK, March Thursdays are nearly all booked :)

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    @kile @Vaughn at the rate AA batteries are coming in we should incorporate the battery holder boxes into one of the course lmao. There’s another bag for 500 lying around somewhere in the space.

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    @Chainmaildave that would be excellent.

    Do you care to select a Thursday night off the calendar? Feb 23rd or March 16? Or into April?

    Make a quick outline on this thread and Ill post it! I really am shooting to get the word out early on these…

    And thank you for sharing your considerable chainmaille skillz!

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    This post is deleted!

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    @Vaughn March 16 sounds good

  • Classroom

    Yeah battery boxes are another good idea. @Chainmaildave, if you want to work on Laser 203 with me that would be cool. Or even just use some of your battery boxes and hinge boxes as other examples that would work too.

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    @kile I will chat with you when you get back :)

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    @Chainmaildave ok ill book it on the calendar once you’ve typed a short workshop description and posted it here…

  • Looks like I can at least start a 3D CAD workshop who would like to learn some drafting techniques.

  • @Chainmaildave I’d be interested in this if it goes ahead, is it open to non-members?

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    @Jacob-S. nice! Wanna write up a short description and requirement outline (use Laser 101 or Airbrush Intro as a template) and choose a Thursday off the calendar that’s open?

    We can get you setup on the big screen, etc in the Lounge - what else is required? Other work stations?

  • In March I will do a 555 ic workshop. On how it can be used in the three modes. I have made kits for it. Its analog technology. I also have many demos of how it can be used. Anything from blinking a led, servo tester , Latching a button with debounce, adding a shift register and 16 leds, driving a stepper motor with an easydriver and two servo testers. lots of cool things you can do with this first IC ever made.

  • I would also like to do another electronic workshop. Any ideas? Arduino maybe? Im just wondering what people might be interested in. Maybe for April.

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    @Ron_Ron I really really like the little cardboard Makerspace arduino/lasercut acrylic/box you and @kile made! Could that be a 1 or 2 night workshop?

    It shows three key skills - basic ‘get it lit’ Arduino, basic ‘get it boxed’ Laser and basic ‘etch and cut acrylic’.

    I would like to get my Arduino on - count me in for any basics on it. I have taken two Arduino classes now and still suck at it. OS issues, mostly.

    Do you care to pick a free Thursday off the calendar and type a short description? We’ll get it scheduled early and fill it - either or both Arduino and 555!

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