Discussion - Build your own PC workshop - What we need, etc.

  • @Ron_Ron @derpko and myself were chatting about the possibility of putting on workshops to teach people to build their own PC’s. After chatting amongst ourselves and with @Vaughn we got a bit of a rough idea of what that would look like.


    • Max 6 people.
    • $30 per person or parent/child combo, free for members.
    • Run every 3 months(starting March?).
    • Start with a presentation that goes through what the components are, resources to make a parts list IE: ca.pcpartpicker.com and reddit.com/r/buildapc. Have worksheets people can take home
    • Continue into hack room. Have a few PC’s disassembled that are designated for the task and put in bins.
    • Build the PC’s together and install Ubuntu on them.

    A few extra details:

    1. I was thinking if we get LAN party designated PC’s we could even use them. Just swap the hard drives out for formatted ones temporarily for the workshop.
    2. Encourage people to bring their own components in and we will be happy to assist with assembly.
    3. Inform them of LAN party Saturday’s. Tell people if they buy components for their systems we can help assemble there as well.

    What we need to do first:

    1. Come up with PC’s that are capable of being torn down and put back together. They don’t need to be fancy. Some could be obsolete for most other purposes and just used to get an older version of Ubuntu on.
    2. Get live USB Ubuntu installers for these systems ready.
    3. Come up with course literature - I am happy to take this on with any other feedback.

    Any suggestions, guys? I know there are a few other people that are great with PC’s that could lend their expertise if their willing( @MIPS @pierre ).

    Have you taken this course? We want your feedback!: https://goo.gl/forms/Rc8noQU9TKXqeIsh1

    Also, if you would be willing to attend a course like this, please respond to this thread. It would be great to be able to gauge community interest.

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    I know I setup that desktop in the design lab that could be used for this and possibly a minimum requirement LAN party system. It’s the one that was labelled 3D workstation. 200-300 into that computer for new parts and we would have a decent system. Until we get the grant I would be willing to use whatever profits we can get to upgrade/build some capable systems for possible computer workshops (3D Workshops/Digital Painting/Game Development) until we hear about the grant.

    Unreal engine got rid of it’s subscription so that’s nice too - comes with a collection of blueprints for different type of games. I can also supply 2 drawing tablets for workshops.

    Just spit balling some ideas, but I am totally on board for the PC building workshop.

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    @n0pe this sounds super - i am in! thank you for doing this

    The sooner we can post the details on the calender, the better - can we determine dates?

  • I’m thinking Thursday March 2nd from 6-9PM tentatively.

    I don’t want to wait a long time but it might take us a few weeks to get the literature and the PC’s we need in working order. We can chat about it tomorrow night.

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    I’m for that I want to try and make a poster for the space and possibly a couple flyers in the coming week so we can advertise early about the event. Even if we only take 6-8 for the first workshop it will be good to get the word out there. I mean once we figure out our hardware and how we are going to proceed, I can say I would be ok with the idea of holding 2 of them in March.

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    @n0pe deadly. I put it in the calendar and did a post on Makerspace facebook page.I used the “info@makerspace” email and “message us on facebook” for bookings. Hope that works, if not we’ll adjust it.

    Heres the inf and image I used - let me know if i missed anything or it is incorrect:

    MakerSpace Workshop: BUILD YOUR OWN PC (ver.1)
    Thursday, March 2 2017 @ Kamloops Makerspace 6-9pm

    Join Makerspace volunteers in the Hackroom for an evening of building your own PC - review components, get resources and worksheet guides and work together to assemble a few PC’s from scratch and light em up with Ubuntu.

    Space is limited - Max 6, kids and parents welcome.

    Book your spot today:
    info@kamloopsmakerspace.com or message us here!

    $30 per person or child/parent combo, FREE for Makerspace members

    0_1484718522931_Build your own PC.jpg

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    I am in.
    I suspect Brandon will be too

  • This looks great, guys. I’m sure we can get started putting together some gear this evening.

  • Hi there,
    This sounds great for my two boys, 9 and 11, if there’s still space ?! I will be there too but just to help out if needed :-)

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    This post is deleted!

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    @n0pe do you want to start a confirmed list on this thread?

    Bump me off the list if demand is high so others can do it.


  • Okay, here’s the list so far for session #1:

    1. @Chainmaildave
    2. @hhealey
    3. Brandon(not sure if on forum) - @Chainmaildave to confirm
    4. @Vaughn
    5. @GottaBeKD182
    6. @HeatherRose

    I will update it as we confirm spots and how many systems are required.

    Edit: Looks like the first class is full! If anyone else would like to take part and we have enough interest(minimum 4 people) we’ll put on another workshop the following week or so!

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    @n0pe hey, it occurred to me that maybe we should double check the status of our info@kamloopsmakerspace.com email addie, which is listed in the ‘ad’ for this wowrkshop as the contact. I believe @arasbm is receiving those, but it may be more efficient to either use your own for now or we could just do it through the Forum and facebook responses?

    I could update the fb post to refine the contact mode.

    Just a thought - it may be a bit of a hassle for aras to deal with those workshop-specific emails right now.


  • @hhealey To clarify :-) Two spots for us, if available…

  • @Vaughn I agree, yes we should have it listed on here or facebook. Going forward, it would be great to get a general access email address. workshops@kamloopsmakerspace.com or something similar.

    @hhealey Excellent! Looking forward to it. Just to nail it down, would you like to put two separate PC’s together or one as a group?

  • @n0pe I think two separate, thanks!

  • Hey guys, new to the forum here but I’d definitely be interested in taking part in this.

    Let me know what info you need from me!

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    @hhealey Looks like this is filling up - can I recommend sharing one PC build? this will allow more people to join in. just a thought…

  • I would definitely attend, if there’s space

  • @GottaBeKD182 Excellent! We have reserved your spot. On the day of the workshop (March 2nd) come on by with your entrance fee and we’ll make it work!

  • @HeatherRose Excellent! I’ve added you to the waiting list for the time being. If we free up a spot we will bump you into the first class. If we can’t fit you in the first, @derpko and I have already chatted about it and we don’t mind running a second class the following week or 2 weeks from March 2nd. Either way, we’ll fit you in!

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