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    @pierre GRBL is for CNC-machines and normally runs on 328p atmegas. I am pretty sure the board has a much beefier 644p and runs some sort of Marlin firmware, which does not have a “$” command, but rather follows a G-Code convention for 3D Printers.
    You can switch to inches just by sending a G20 command. It’l be temporary operation mode and it is actually useful when you have a weird-ass .stl from Blender made with metrically-challenged units enabled. It pretty much multiplies your G0 and G1’s by 2.54 on the fly, no need to re-calibrate the machine for that.

  • So, there’s a big print in progress that has been left for a couple days- I couldn’t print anything yesterday and when I went by today it was still sitting there- it’s several hours in, and has several hours left and I don’t want to be responsible for pulling it off the plate and wasting all the print time and filament… @Ron_Ron, I think you said you know who it belongs to? Any idea if they’re planning to finish it?

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    Its my print and I was planning to finish it. Sorry its taking soo long

  • Let me know when if you can, so that I know when I can go back and keep printing my droid parts? :)

  • I should dig up some spare glass plates so you can swap them out… I would expect the print to de-lam from the glass when you try to continue it though. When the bed cools below 60C, ABS usually just pops right off the glass. I doubt you can heat it up evenly enough to resume the print. @ColeVanD please report back if you manage to do it, and how you accomplish this. I’d suggest using ABS juice, except that I’ve exploded a glass plate using that before, part cooled, differential contraction happened, the juice would not let go. It was a mess.

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    Let’s be sure we do our jobs with consideration of others needs on the equipment and space - there’s more to doing your job, than doing your job, in a shared space. You have to include clean-up time and schedule your work so others aren’t impeded.

    Sorry @HeatherRose - and thanks for the message!

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    @pierre, is there anything you have to do (besides wait) to get the flashy Octoprint GUI back after restarting? It doesn’t seem to want to come back up for @HeatherRose. It just seems stuck on the one that looks like a webpage from 1996. I think all of the required controls should still be there, but it is much less user friendly.

  • It takes about 5 minutes from the time the webserver comes up before it starts serving all the CSS.

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    @pierre thanks. @HeatherRose found that the SD card was loose, and after fixing it the issue appeared to be resolved.

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