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    Ill get the rolling pin and start generating a repeating pattern for your feedback. Im pretty stoked about this, too! Thank you!

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    Kiln Room install: Monday June 12 - Thursday June 22

    Hi everyone,

    I am coordinating the Kiln Room and Classroom renos at Makerspace and wanted to fill you in on the basic plan:

    Install window: Monday, June 12 to Friday June 22

    Mission preview: THIS Monday, June 12th, 5:30 - 7:00pm (purpose being for everyone to get the details and funding they need to do their parts, like tear-out, electrical, plumbing, drywalling, cabinet making, etc)

    Demo and Preliminary work: Tuesday, June 13 and Weds June 14 - 4 volunteers needed each day (although I hope to ‘save’ the qualified help like carps and electrical for skilled jobs and utilize basic volunteers for this grunt work).

    Thursday June 15 and Friday June 16 - plumbing and electrical back-work and drywall, Classroom drywall cleanup and ceiling painting.

    Saturday and Sunday - work list to be determined based on Monday Preview planning.

    Monday and Tuesday - work list to be determined based on Monday Preview planning. Install and wire Kiln?

    Wednesday June 21 - Fire kiln?

    Thursday June 22 - touch ups and details, as required.

    The finishing and details will be done as time allows - the goal is to get the place wired, plumbed, cabinetted and fire the kiln on Weds June 21 Hack Night!

    I have the following people lined up, each with different skill sets and availability:

    @vaughn - I have 30 hours over the 10 days to contribute
    @Grant-Fraser - electrical lead, with help from volunteers
    Cory Doyle and his wingmen - cabinets and various capabilities
    @Nicholas - plumbing support
    Nathan Leduc - carpentry
    @Bradley-Maker - carp and cranial support
    Cole - stoked person
    Amanda Eccleston - a bit of everything
    Cheetie Malouin - same
    Greg Stanley - drywall lead

    More help is soooo welcome - please let us know if you can do a shift or two?

    I am hoping each person on this list can find one other volunteer to bring along when they ‘do their shift’ - there will be plenty of labour to go around and I would like to employ the ‘many hands making light work’ method and tap into our networks.

    Hope to see you all Monday 5:30 to 7:00pm to preview the job, plan your purchasing and schedules.

    Thank you! I look forward to making deadly clay sculpture and firing in at Kamloops Makerspace Clay Space!


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    Kiln Room and Classroom install update:

    The pony wall and framing, wall board, floor boards, separation walls are all removed (thank you Grant, Amanda, Ronron, Kyle, Cole).

    Ready for plumbing and electrical rough in today.

    I have drywaller coming now for supplies list and will do a run to home depot at about 1pm - let me know any substantial pickups needed and Ill try to get them.

    Drywaller will also be finishing classroom drywall.

    Drywall should be installed by friday night - I will prime it.

    Nicholas is doing the plumbing right now

    Bradley is doing trim in Classroom


    I am picking up the OSB for the floor, as well.

  • @Krankin I’ve got a follow up question. At what CFM for an exhust fan do we need make-up air? We don’t need it for a bathroom fan or for an ordinary kitchen range hood.

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    @Grant-Fraser i’d need to look through my HVAC design notes, but i’m pretty sure i can figure it out for you tonight after I get home.

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    @Grant-Fraser hey there is an existing hole in the exterior wall for the old bathroom fan! :)

  • @Vaughn Which wall is it on? If it isn’t too far from the kiln we can make it work. I’ll have a look later

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    @Grant-Fraser it is on the exterior wall - should work with a long snozzle

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    @Grant-Fraser Just to be clear about the make up air, are you wondering if you need a intake fan to resupply the air taken from the room via the exhaust, You do not a intake fan, however you need a intake source or else risk a pressure differential making it hard to open/ close the door, the easiest way provide an air intake path would be to have a air gap under the door, 1-1/2" -2"should work.

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