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  • @amanda_e Awesome. I will get on that tomorrow after work. Just want to confirm before I start that it is the pre existing trim in the room that is being painted? I just want to make sure I don’t miss any in case there is some that isn’t installed yet. And we are painting it brown if I remember what Vaughn had said a little while ago. Want to find the correct paint in there in more then one in that room.

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    Hi yes it is the brown paint and it’s the trim around the windows and doors upstairs. The trim that needs it the most is the kiln room and class room. 0_1504115396555_IMG_0597.JPG All the paint and supplies are in the class room. Please use the painters tape to mask off the walls as they have all been freshly painted. 0_1504115490137_IMG_0594.JPG 0_1504115465763_IMG_0598.JPG

  • @amanda_e Thank you. I will start on the Kiln room tomorrow.

    If anyone is there after 5pm that can help me with taping off the trim so I can get to painting more quickly that would be great.

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    Thanks all - super appreciate the responses.

    I’ll be starting Friday at around 6pm and going all weekend in the kiln and classroom’s; I’ll start by cleaning up the Freemont sign stuff in the classroom and moving it to the design lab.

    Perhaps start the trim painting in the kiln room first? We can get the last of the cabinets done, the plumbing, tweak the tIle flooring and vent fan. Cory Doyle is on the door re-hanging. That’s the worst of it.

    The classroom needs the trim woodwork finished by @Bradley-Maker
    and I have lined up Trevor Dick to help lay the tile floor. We have 12 chairs for the class but need a few medium size tables until something better comes along. @kile had some fresh ideas about furniture in there but it will be bear bones at first.

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    @KillwithKindness there are a few of here now if you want to come and paint :)

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    Getting a head start with Ashley tonight. Some of the painting and taping off has been done! 0_1504239681278_IMG_0635.JPG

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    Getting going on the Kiln Room and Classroom finish here!

    Thank you’s to those that got ahead of the trim painting - it’s looks awesome.

    @Nicholas is coming in and hitting the plumbing finish.

    @Bradley-Maker is on the glazing Bench and shelf finishing.

    Cory Doyle is helping with the Kiln Room door today.

    Need helpers for painting trim and base boards and.laying the Classroom floor.

    Can’t wait to get into some clay sculpture and see members enjoying this great new capability.

    Thank you to everyone making it happen.

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    Clay Space, Kiln Room and Classroom are complete and ready for action!

    Thank you to everyone who made it happen, but most especially:
    @timo kangas
    @Cory Doyle
    @Trevor Dick

    Kamloops Arts Commission (City of Kamloops)
    SSP Specialty Plywood
    Sherwin Williams

    Kiln Donation:
    Janet Whitehead

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