ShapeOko CNC router running again

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    We have the router in the woodshop set up. It’s doing a good job of surfacing the table for the Scorpion milling machine. Some fine tuning is required but it’s doing a better job of surfacing the table than it did for the original work surface. The vacuum hold down feature isn’t working right now. Not enough air being drawn through.

  • After a bit of tinkering I would say the machine is running fairly well. There is no Ethernet yet so any files will have to be loaded with a thumb drive

  • Classroom

    AWESOME! So, to confirm, this bad boy can cut 3/4" 5’x5’ sheets?

    And in theory could do 3d stuff like:
    0_1485150881003_50-digital-wood-joints-montage.jpg ???

    If this is true someone’s furniture game is about to go up a whole’nother level.

    When is the 101?

  • It can do 61.8" x 62" or more precisely 1577mm x 1570mm. It’s not a powerful machine so cutting through thick plywood will take several passes.

    After many errors I would say that this machine is 2.5D if I’m using that term right. Features are probably better done with a line drawing and the right router but than with a 3D model

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