Lounge 3.5" Touchscreen

  • So I’ve purchased this little doo-dad on Amazon:


    We plan to have a bit of an interactive space status button in the lounge that people can update the webpage status from.

    We’d like to make a button people can toggle, along with an estimated time open, toggled at timestamp, stuff like that. We’ve even toyed with the idea of having more statuses such as “workshop”, “hack night”, etc…

    @derpko and I would like to sell a spare computer from the hack room to an individual and use the proceeds to see the touchscreen and the rest of the hardware through(raspberry pi 2 or 3 and microSD card). Whatever is left over would be fully donated to the space.

    So the hardware we’d like to install is as follows:

    $29.99 - 1EA Kuman 3.5 " Inch TFT LCD Display 480x320 RGB Pixels Touch Screen Monitor for Raspberry Pi 3 2 Model B B+ A+ A Module SPI Interface with Touch Pen SC06.

    $69.99 - 1EA Raspberry Pi 3 Model B Board

    $8.11 - Kingston 8 GB microSDHC Class 4 Flash Memory Card SDC4/8GB

    Total: $108.09

    We plan on getting $150 for the computer. This would leave $41.91 as a donation for the space.

    Does anyone have any issue with this? We know there might be a bit of a cheaper way to interface with the screen as @toxuin mentioned(esp8266?), but I’m not sure I personally have the skills to get that working and we would like to get this project completed in the next week or so. I think the Rpi3 is a decent, stable device we can get this working well with.

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    Nike, @n0pe. As in, Just DO IT! Awesome plan.

  • Awesome plan! I will help set up the web page, either this hack night or next.

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    Computer has been sold for 160, waiting to see how much the bill adds up from @n0pe end and the rest will go towards improving the space! :)

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    I am working on the faceplate design for the Space Status Interface (SSI) - black acrylic with bright oronge pinstripe. It will be cleat mounted to allow easy access to the gack behind it.

    It would be nice if it had gently pulsing LED border around it - not flashing at all, just kind of pulsing. Too much? @Ron_Ron ?

    @n0pe figures this can come together and go online in the next few weeks…

  • @arasbm Thanks, man! That will help out a ton. Resolution is 480X320. I will get something together that will launch a borderless browser page directed at an address you give me upon startup. @pierre If you don’t mind I’d like to give it a static IP so we can always SSH to it with confidence. Other than that, I think we’ll have everything we need! @Vaughn with @arasbm help I don’t see why this would take more than a few days to figure out on my end.

  • Good plan. Log into the router (admin/4makerl0ops#) and grab a static outside the dhcp range or add a reservation for it… Does not matter which, just keeps it from randomly conflicting when we do events.

  • @Vaughn colour coordinated with the amount of open time left?

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    @Torren you bet, and it goes crazy when the Pachinko pays out.

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    This Space Status Indicator and the developing use of the Forum shoutbox has me thinking…

    Idea: make the SSI ‘shoutbox enabled’, allowing for the entry of brief shoutbox updates directly from the SSI. The little screen doesn’t have a keyboard, so maybe this wouldn’t work.

    Dont mean to complicate it (its already awesome), but this might be a way to squeeze even more utility out of it.

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    Flashing LEDs might be a bit much if they run all the time

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    @Chainmaildave "not flashing at all, just kind of pulsing. "

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    @Vaughn @Chainmaildave @n0pe I think I should just be green/red for open/close indication that way we can tell if we forgot to open the space, as far as the shoutbox, I think we should pass on that - we could add a keyboard mounted to the wall but it doesn’t leave much space on that screen.

  • @derpko said:

    I think I should just be green/red for open/close indication

    I used to work with a guy (long time friend) who was green/red colour blind… All of our custom software at the time would tell you when it was ready to do something by changing the colour of buttons from red to green. He convinced us to also have the words on the buttons change as well, because he had no clue whatsoever that the buttons had changed colours.

  • Design Lab

    @derpko i agree overall - the point is to shout open or closed.

    Here is a hipshot of the wood and acrylic faceplate (a work in progress - please feedback):

    Overall size: 30"x31", mounted beside wind tunnel intake in Lounge

    0_1485333950141_Lounge Panel faceplate ver 2.jpg

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    oops forgot the screw in the upper wood.

    and @Ron_Ron : the idea is to go around the black acrylic with prog LED - but NO flashing, just smoooth beating heart magenta and blue. and swoopy.

  • I was thinking something like this for the interface:

    Space Status UI

    @arasbm Let me know what you think. Just a rough idea. Feel free to design however you’d like!

  • The closed sign should be a little bit annoying to draw attention to itself.

  • @tinfoilknight I’m sure we can make it red and flashing to annoy anyone the lounge.

  • Ideally it should not be obvious from the parking lot. An announcement to the world that a building is unoccupied has security implications.

  • Design Lab

    Lounge panel for the Makerspace Space Status Indicator (SSI) Panel is complete and hanging it position on the Lounge wall. The wood panel and acrylic panel can be easily lifted off the wall (they are on 30/60 cleats) for service.

    Need to:
    Drill hole through wall to contect data (recommend hardwire)
    Add softly pulsing LEDs - no flashing, red or white lights. @Ron_Ron
    Add acrylic holder for pamphlets or biz cardz in open area below touch screen?

    Recommend Maker Monday orientation on how to use this new capability to effect.

    good work. @n0pe @derpko @arasbm @toxuin

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