Ken's Electronics Recycling needs someone who can repair PS3's

  • I am Ken from Ken’s Electronics Recycling. I am the one who has been dropping off the boxes of electronics for you to play with. I have several PS3’s that need repair, mostly ps3 red light of death. If there is someone willing to trade work for goods, let me know.

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    I can look into it, I might be able to just need to do a bit of research on it.

  • @derpko I can help with research too if ya want!

  • I have a reballing kit but it needs an infrared heater to work on the board.

  • How big of an IR heater? I need something that does 350F for another project…

  • We have an offer from Scorpion regarding a reballing station, It can be lent to us on a long term loan conditions similar to the mill. The caveat is that it actually has to be used, not just put on a shelf somewhere. If there is enough interest we can clear off a spot for it. The machine is untested but probably works.

  • Can we get access to the manual first? I have no idea how hard a reballing station is to use.

  • Not hard to use. Start with watching a youtube video or two.

    1. Shine IR light on chip, Remove when solder melts.
    2. Clean board
    3. Place solder paste and solder balls on board ( I have the jig for lining them up )
    4. Shine IR light on chip until temperature is reached.

    I’ll get the manual tomorrow

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    @tinfoilknight, I are a monkey. If you can train said monkey to do the tasks you describe on the machine of which you speak, then said monkey will perform these tasks so that the space are gets a reballing machine. For when balling the first time just isn’t enough.

  • That sounds awesome. So the camera-looking thing on the side is a light?

    Also… It sounds like a multi-function de-balling and re-balling machine…

  • I brought the machine in today with the manual. I would scan and upload it but the photocopier wont cooperate.

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