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  • I have been dropping of misc boxes of electronics for your projects, and I will be coming in again tomorrow Jan 25. I don’t want you to feel like I am using you as a dumping ground, so if there are any requests, that would be appreciated, specially if there was something that I have already dropped off and you would like more, let me know.
    I plan on coming in about every 2 weeks, so keep it in mind. I recycle primarily computer equipment, about 200 pc’s / month, but everything seems to find its way to me.

  • Design Lab

    Thanks for posting, Ken. The management of all this incoming/outgoing gear is challenging, but the techies love it.

    I am not on the tech side of the Makerspace, but have been working with other members to keep incoming and outgoing donations flowing - if we don’t keep our shoulder to the issue, the place starts to look like the trash compactor in Star Wars.

    Does anyone have a plan for the long cable run boxes out back the building? It is actually outside our lease to store too much stuff outside the building, so its on the radar to find it a home! Was that one of your donations, @DRDEMENTED ?

    Lets keep refining this great partnership.

  • @Vaughn said:

    long cable run boxes

    not one of mine, but I can pick up as well as drop off.

  • If nobody has plans for the cable runs I’ll lag bolt them to the joists in my garage and have ceiling drops for power and air.

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    @pierre for all i know, they are valuable to the space - not my department. Just hoping to generate a plan for them, and the server racks, to address our ‘look’ outside the building.

    And if @DRDEMENTED didnt donate them who did? lol @mips?

    @arasbm did you want to comment on these things?

    Otherwise, I move they are ‘Pierrred’.

  • I know we asked @DRDEMENTED for some of those racks at one point… They’re two-post (telco/network gear) racks rather than 4-post (server) racks… but you can usually fake it by putting a pair of 2-post racks together and bolting up front and back. It would give us stable mounting for some heavy computing gear, and let us add filtering and cooling properly.

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    @pierre anything you and the Hackroomers deem of value should be kept, of course. Can we ferret out the usables and terminate the rest?

    Still wondering where those objects came from, academically if nothing else.

  • I need those server racks to mount the servers in the hack room. Been busy with other stuff. If anyone wants to take on the job of building a custom server enclosure I’ll share what I had planned.

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