Makerspace FirstAid Workshop - May 4th

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    is there still room for one more person?

  • We have 4 yes and a maybe:

    maybe @kile,
    @beth and DennisTheYounger

    There should be room for a couple more!

    Beth, 12 years old is more than fine!

  • @Torren sign me up please! Thanks!

  • Just bumping this thread so people are reminded today.

  • There’s room for 1 or 2 more if anyone is interested!

  • I’ll ask around at work and see if anyone wants in.

  • 3D

    Thank you, Twila (and @Torren :) and a shout out to the local Red Cross branch for allowing us to use the equipment.

  • I also like to thank Twila and @Torren! I never had the opportunity to take a first aid course before and this crash course today was very informative and packed full of great tips. Really appreciate all the time and effort you two put into this. Also, everyone else participating in the workshop were awesome. So happy I could make it.

  • Better late than never, the FirstAid Workshop class in action!

    0_1494178442146_IMG_5602.JPG 1_1494178442146_IMG_5603.JPG

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