Get Bent (Lamination Style)

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    I want to start doing some bent laminations. This is a placeholder post.

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    According to the internet, here is an $800 shelf.


    This guy, Kino Guerin, makes some insane stuff. I would really like to know how.

    and to, its obviously plywood and therefore not a single piece of wood, but I will use your gallery anyway.

  • That’s how it starts… Now we have to figure out how. Looks like he’s making his own plywood by bending up and gluing very thin veneers on a form under vacuum.

    Towards the end of this video you’ll see it:

    Vacuum forming pump can probably do the job. It is kinda amazing the forces a vacuum pump can apply to something.

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    Really @pierre? I’m having trouble from the video visualizing how some of the more elaborate pieces in the page linked could be done with vacuum forming. It obviously has to be a multi-step process to get the pretzel bends, but I have no idea how one would even approach it with a pump a bag.

  • This video might be a better explanation.

  • Also, here’s about all the diy info we need:

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    @pierre, okay with multiple sections I see how it could be done as per that video. If you look at the edges though, the video piece clearly shows where the sections are joined. Scrutinizing the first two photos in the linked page above (2 images of the same piece from different angles) I cannot see any discontinuity in the grain along the edges. I think that there has to be something else going on there.

    Either way, thanks for the resources. I really look forward to giving some of this a try.

  • You’ll have difficulty finding veneers long enough to do the whole piece without joining. There is another great video I found that lets you fake a solid wood board out of a laminated piece… I’ll see if I can dig it up again.

  • the s shaped shelf could be done on a form. he has veneer on the edges of most of his stuff so its hidden, bandsaw would do most of the 2D stuff.

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    Decent video on the process. Good explanation of constructing a form.

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