Robotics Workshop for SD74 on Saturday February 18th

  • I am teaching a robotics workshop to a class of around 12 students with SD74. I will need the lounge for most of Saturday February 18th from 10am to 4pm.

    The workshop involved building the MeArm. Each pair of students will receive a kit. I already have all the hardware and just need to laser cut some more kits.

    Unfortunately I can not accept any more participants. This is a great workshop and there is a lot of demand for it. It would be great if other makerspace members could use this workshop as a template and run it again on a regular schedule. I would be happy to share all the information about it.

    @helen @Stephen @Vaughn @n0pe are planning to join me in this workshop and help the students. It you are interested in running this workshop in future, we might be able to fit in one or possibly two more helpers.


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    @arasbm SHOTGUN!!!

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    @arasbm I’m definitely interested in coming to help out. You did mention that it was the 28th when we were in this evening, just want to confirm that it’s actually the 18th, not the 28th? I think the day is still okay, just want to make sure we have the right one.

  • @helen yes I just double checked, it is actually Saturday February 18, thanks!

    @kile cool! It will be great to have you there as well!

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    Yep as discussed I am totally into to it. I’d like to offer a Mighty Makers MeArm workshop, and test driving it with Yoda himself will be just what the doctor ordered!
    Thanks, @arasbm !

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