It is (even more) official!

  • We got a letter from Victoria today!


    :hammer: :cake: :birthday: :beers: :smile:

    I have to say government has been so nice to me recently, they keep sending me everything I ask for. They even contacted me by email to fix an issue with the bylaws, and once I emailed back the changes, we were approved. How impressive is that! :smiley:



    Everything has been falling into place for us recently.

    Congratulations everyone! :satisfied:

  • Nice work Aras, your plan is coming together😀

  • @Bishop our plan! :smile:

  • Your to modest Aras, Newton might not have invented gravity but he certainly got the apple rolling. Great news though, it’s always nice to be official😊

  • Linux

    Looks great @arasbm … way to go.