Laser Cut Creations Online Store.

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    I am in the process of building an online store to sell my laser cut creations and am wondering if anyone else would be interested in joining in on this and try marketing your creations online. You will get full credit for anything you wish to put on this site, and have full control over your sales. I know @Vaughn mentioned he might be interested in putting some of his things on it. anyone else?
    I have purchased the domain name and one months subscription on a Squarespace server. As of now the website is live but still a work in progress.
    The site is called

  • I’m still at the rough idea stage

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    @tinfoilknight That is fine. I’m still working on it myself.

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    I would be up for selling some things

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    So @Krankin what do you need from me to post a product?

    Name of object
    Blurb about it

    Maybe you could make a form a pleeb like me can fill out and fire away - i got stuff.

    Ill donate 20% to Makerspace, too!

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    @Vaughn i am still working on the details, but i was thinking id give each seller a sub section of the store. Next time i’m in the space we can work on it. but yes, that is pretty much what would be needed.

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    @Krankin, photos would help too I’m sure. I would potentially be interested as well. Does the name have any back story?

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    yes photos of the product as well, we’ll have to set up a photo booth or something to take standardized images, but that can wait. The name is a bit of a Stargate SG-1 reference, the seventh chevron locks the last symbol in dialling the gate to another world. Since i kinda got the idea of the Iris, which have started this all, after binge watching the show, I thought it was fitting.

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    If someone made radius templates I would buy a set. Great for metal shaping. I would pass the word onto other people in the hobby as well.

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    @bct I could throw together a design for some easily enough, what material do they need to be?

  • door skin would be fine. 1/8 " mahogany? Or anything like that . Nothing too flexible as that changes the radius.

  • I am sure I will be more interested when I use the laser cutter more.

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    @Krankin ok i have 3 or 4 items ready, including images.

    Let me know when ur ready.

    Once the selection is padded out, we can share it on Laser Cut Art Showcase.

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    @Vaughn I’m still in the early stages of setting it up, was hoping to get it more or less functional this weekend, If you want though you can send me the pictures and descriptions to and i’ll try to get them incorporated here soon.

  • Assuming I ever figure out where to order more consumables for my plasma cutter from I have been noodling the idea of laser-cutting templates from scrap ply, then plasma-cutting the final product out of sheet steel. I think it should work OK.

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    Seller form for
    fill out the form and submit to
    I will likely introduce a small fee to help cover the site costs, but i need to figure out the details of that out first.

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    Here is a set i like, and so many have copied it that it will not be an issue. All the radii are good . But to be different add 9" and then do every 6 from 12 up. Make it a set of two gauges. What do you think? Thanks.

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    Possibility for a section of 3D printed miniatures / Cool kinetic contraptions?? (I’m am getting back into modeling pretty intensively in the next months)

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    @derpko my original intention was for it to only be laser cut things, but if i can get some help running the site, i would be willing to open it up to other things.