Art in the Park. Will Makerspace have a booth?

  • Hey all,

    Just wondering if there is any plans to have a makerspace booth at Art in the Park this year?

    It would give us some good exposure, and allow our members to sell some of their crafty items.


  • Any idea what it would cost to get a booth? I know the wood-worker’s club gets one every year and does demonstrations and makes trinkets for people. It’d be pretty interesting to see if we can get a similar setup going. Some combo of education, recruitment, and selling projects we made at the space would be nice.

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    Yes, this is on my radar, too:

    Deadline is Saturday, April 15, 2017.
    Are you an arts-related community group or non-profit that would like to have a presence at Art in the Park 2017? Apply online here, or for the manual application form click here.

    So we have until April 15th to apply - we will have no problem getting in.

    One thing to consider is that everything sold must be handmade or substantially assembled, by the Makerspace.

    I am recommending that we kick a percentage to makerspace and look at other awesome opportunities to raise money there (without being too much).

    If we could get $1 off each person, that would be $30,000!

    The Fee is for a non profit is only $25. Here is the link to register, but we have weeks and weeks before the deadline.

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