Emoji to the rescue! :)

  • Do you find that words are often not enough to express you thoughts and feelings? Well, I do :smirk:

    That is why I have installed an extensive emoji packed plugin here. It has autocomplete, so all you need to do is insert a : into your post and start typing, see where it will takes you :cake:


    Have fun with it! :+1:

  • Oh baby, we have ship-it-squirl. :shipit:

  • @alex there is so many emoji, I dont think I can ever see them all :octopus: :rabbit: :satisfied:

  • You know, emoji is funny, the set of icons got standardized by unicode, and some fonts that support emoji were forced to include :poop: in their character set.

    💩 <-

    if your character set supports it.

  • @alex yeah, doesn’t look like we have that in the character set

  • @arasbm well it’s not “we”. Fonts in unicode overlay on top of eachother. If you had a webfont that supported the character we could see it, otherwise it falls to the persons system. I’m pretty sure mac users can see it.

  • @alex oh I see, good point. Well I dont think I am missing out not seeing that particular character :smirk:

  • Holder

    I can see it,
    in all of its glory…

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