Metal Lathe 101ish

  • Pierre,

    I am not familiar with the metal lathe at Makerspace, but I did work on a metal lathe back in the day. would love to have a look at what you are up to when you are up to it.


  • @Nicholas supplier was good and fast. A pound of Bismuth is now in my possession. Time to draw up some patterns to laser cut and cast the wheels.

  • I’d definitely be in for the lathe workshop! Haven’t used one since high school and I’d love to give it another go. Thinking it might just be better to do the monthly membership at this rate… lol

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  • @Krankin When do we pass out the kool-aid? ;)

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    @pierre any chance of getting some kind of image to attach to an announcement about this? its all thats missing - if we had that I’d post an ad, even though its full.

  • There will be pictures as I get the prototype developed I think

  • @pierre I’m away April 12th, but interested in the next lathe workshop…

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    @pierre I would like to sign up for you workshop!

  • Just noticed on the calendar that the Lathe 101 class is this Thursday, is that correct? If so I’ll be out of town so I won’t be able to make that one. Definitely sign me up for the next one though!

  • So I tried to sandcast a bismuth top tonight… Some successes and failures there.

    I laser cut a 6-spoked wheel with a 5mm center hole, and two “rings” to go above and below the rim of the wheel, all out of 3mm ply.

    I took a piece of brass bar stock, turned it down to 5mm in the center (to give the wheel something to grip on, and rammed up a little mold to cast into. Here’s my first mistake…

    If you focus the laser on the top of your plywood, the cut looks like this:

    This automatically creates a tiny bit of draft angle for your form. If you think to put the form in the sand the right way up. Put it in narrow side up (like I did) and it’ll pull out all the sand inside the features. I remade the form, and tried casting, but should have been smarter about not pouring directly over the brass part. Going to take some effort to cut the handle out of its bismuth tomb. Anyway I’m going to try to walk someone through some interesting stuff tomorrow. At least enough that they can start doing some basic metal cutting operations anyway.

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