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    Hello Makerspacers,

    I have series of 2 hour mini-workshops planned for Four Directions School starting tomorrow afternoon at the Makerspace and wanted to get a thread going on it.

    The Plan:

    Every Tuesday 1 - 3 PM from Feb 7 to April 18 inclusive, with Spring Break off (March 21 and 28).

    9 students max. with one support worker min. (plus me)

    Doing mini-workshops (laser live-hinge wallet, vinyl cut decal, other) using a mix of fab shop, wood shop, laser, design lab, lounge. No hackroom.

    I have proposed to them that the school furnish the Kamloops Makerspace with a $500/month honorarium to cover the shop use.

    I am paid through the Community Arts Council as an Outreach Artist.

    That’s the plan. I hope this meets with general approval and I do apologize for the lack of notice - just getting final go-aheads now and its been a super busy week.

    Let me know your thoughts.
    Thank you

  • @Vaughn I like it. The timing works well following the cleanup on Maker Monday

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    That went really well today:

    Had 9 students and their teacher in from Four Directions School from 1-3pm. Did a live hinge laser wallet each, sanded and finished in the woodshop, then added their initials in computer cut vinyl in the @Design-Lab.

    Thanks to everyone who makes the space work.

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    Update: this programme went well. Four Directions students did mini builds each afternoon for the last 10 weeks on Tuesdays. The Clay Space was a big hit with them, as was laser-wallets, airbrushed t-shirts, vinyl decals and watching the 3d printer!

    The program raised $675 for the Space ($75 x 9 visits). Cheque was sent last week ( @Grant-Fraser watch for it in the mail!)

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