2017 Board Meetings agenda and minutes

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    @Vaughn wrote:
    Board meeting draft agenda for Monday Feb 6th:

    Further to the Annual General Meeting of Saturday Feb 4 2017, I have drafted the following as a preliminary guide for getting organized; I believe it hits the high notes but look forward to your input and revisions as necessary.

    Vaughn Chairperson Fundraising? Communications? s/a

    Grant Treasurer All things financial , + Security (w/Pierre)? s/a

    Kile Secretary info@makerspace, Membership coord?

    Megan At Large Schools, Workshops and Events coord?

    Bradley At Large Plant (with Dave Holley?)

    Lease renewal
    Review and confirm current use of each space – coordinators?
    Structural and maintenance diligence
    Wish list and forecasting
    Fire suppression and First Aid

    Becoming a drop-in or keyholder member policy and procedure finalized
    Members List automation/update
    Monthly Newsletter to all Members
    Membership dues tracking and management

    Education and outreach
    Goals and planning
    Strategic partnerships

    Projects (like Haunted House)
    Membership dues goals
    Schools and people

    Building security system plan, interior and exterior
    Network security
    Members information security

    Update bylaws to reflect AGM consensus
    Directors insurance review and confirmation
    Thank past chair and treasurer with token of appreciation (wall plaque?)

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    What is meant by “Plant”?

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    @Chainmaildave, building operations and maintenance, or the green things that vegetarians eat, your choice

  • @kile Plants are not food. Plants are what food eats!

    Damn. Now that I’ve said that I’m going to have to start doing BBQ burgers and smokies at the space again.

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    Kamloops Makerspace Board Meeting February 6, 2017

    Attendees: Megan, Grant, Vaughn, Kile, Brad

    Meeting was called to order at 8:34 pm

    A list of potential areas that will require work from the board was put forward by Vaughn as a draft agenda. The list was edited by the group into the following:
    -Lease renewal
    -Review and confirm current use of each space – coordinators?
    -Structural and maintenance diligence
    -Wish list and forecasting
    -Fire suppression and First Aid
    -Tools - inventory
    -Building Security
    -Handling Donations
    -Becoming a drop-in or keyholder member (getting policy and procedure finalized)
    -Members List automation/update
    -Monthly Newsletter to all Members
    -Membership dues tracking and management
    Education and outreach
    -Goals and planning
    -Strategic partnerships
    -Projects (like Haunted House)
    -Membership dues (goals & forecasting)
    -Schools and people
    -Spaces - how are spaces funded, which spaces are being subsidized?
    -Update bylaws to reflect AGM consensus - forum
    -Directors insurance review and confirmation

    In light of the items listed above four committees will be formed in order to execute the work. Each committee will be headed by a board member (for administrative and procedural matters), and will have the direction set by the members participating in the committee (of which the committee head is one). Depending on the workload of each committee the committee head (at their discretion) may elect to further divide the work of the committee into working groups for specific tasks. The four committees and committee heads are to be as follows:

    Building Operations and Maintenance - Brad
    Membership - Kile
    Fundraising and Events - Megan
    Education and Outreach - Vaughn

    Committee heads will be responsible for updating the society on the work of the committees at both the monthly members and board meetings. In addition to these updates the treasurer will provide similar updates relating to the finances of the society.

    The following pending business matters were also discussed:
    Building lease agreement
    Refinement of the lease agreement will be negotiated with the landlords by Grant and Vaughn

    Formal business plan
    Someone from Community Futures has been in contact with Vaughn to offer business planning services to the society. Vaughn will hand this off to Grant with an introduction and Grant will assess and decide if we would like to proceed.

    Website/email hosting
    Emails for the kamloopsmakerspace.com domain (such as info and memberships) are currently being forwarded in a less than optimal fashion, proper email hosting is required moving forward
    The website is due for a refresh to reflect the spaces and services available at the space
    Kile will contact Aras to clarify current hosting arrangements and site access information

    Building space coordinators
    In previous meetings it has been suggested that a coordinator for each room at the space will be beneficial. Some names for various spaces have even been put forward. Brad will contact individuals who have expressed interest in this in the past to coordinate potential coordinators.

    RFID building entry system
    Three months was suggested as a target timeline for having a RFID building entry system that is connected to a membership tracking system in place
    Brad will contact Tony and Pierre to see what work has been completed to this end, and to get a list of tasks that will need to be completed to see this in place. If the work to get this off the ground seems reasonable the board has approved in concept the allocation of Kamloops Makerspace resources (financial and otherwise) to see the project completed

    Tool wishlist form
    Grant would like to make a simple form to be located throughout the space where members can request a tool dedicated to that location
    Meeting was adjourned at 10:19 pm.

    The next board meeting will take place Sunday, March 5 at 6 pm.

  • Design Lab

    Board Meeting - Sun Mar 5, 6-8 pm

    DRAFT agenda:

    • Roll Call
    • Review, finalize and approve agenda

    • Review and approve minutes from Feb 6 Board Meeting

    • Secretary Report

    • Chair Report
      -Insight Summer Camps
      -MakerBus type project
      -KTTA ProD presentation / Pro D at Makerspace?
      -Pottery Studio
      -Building development / area assessment
      -TRU Planetary Model Project
      -100th Hack

    • Treasurer Report

    • Other business

    (please edit this post and add agenda items)

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    Board Meeting - Sun Mar 5, 6-8 pm

    Roll Call
    Meeting called to order: 6:05
    Present: Grant, Brad, Vaughn, Megan, Kile

    Review, finalize and approve agenda
    -Pre-planning of agenda will be key.
    -Within 24 hrs everyone to approve minutes, Kile will post next months agenda within another 24 hrs. Everyone is free to add/ edit the draft agenda over the month.

    Building Committee
    Building development / area assessment - Vaughn
    -Distributed spreadsheet of rooms (appendix 1)
    -Ran through list room by room
    Pottery studio
    -Amanda, Janet and other potters are writing a Community Arts Grant to finance the install of the kiln room
    -Timo is volunteering to build the pottery studio table and shelves, which is huge.
    Woodshop/table saw
    -KMS donation is looking great
    -Woodshop cleanup/declutter of nonfunctional tools is required
    Good committee meeting
    -Darren working on scheduling/calenders
    -Ashley/Megan working on tracking consumables
    Building operations manual as a wiki proposed - documentation in terms of making things easy for people
    Member Project Storage Strategy?
    -promote the tote (encourage the use of yellow and black totes for storage by building shelving to suit)

    Membership tracking system
    -Update on Tony’s progress (astounding)
    -April for rollout
    Microsoft O365/email
    -info@kamloopsmakerspace.com not working? Kile to contact Aras today
    -Need to figure out email hosting ASAP
    -Need to refresh
    –Update sponsors ASAP
    –Rebuild site to follow, Kile to engage membership
    -Hosting is still under Aras’ arrangement (he is paying still), this should be changed to the society

    Calendar for tracking events being utilized, please allow administrators to edit while creating events
    100th Hack
    -Event documentation should be coming together now for planning and approaching potentials partners for the event
    -Vaughn to start putting some details on forum
    -Do less, better. All week long.

    KTTA ProD presentation / Pro D at Makerspace?
    -Present April 24? 15-20 min pitch
    -Vaughn has form to fill out
    -We will do a 90 min presentation - Brad, Kile, Vaughn to work out presentation materials
    Homeschool group teaching commitment, April/May
    -Should be good for instructors
    -Brad to follow up and provide more details
    Insight Summer Camps
    -Current billing situation and contract with Insight? Grant will provide details
    -Vaughn to contact and set up a meeting
    MakerBus type project
    -Longterm project idea - take it to the forum
    TRU Planetary walk
    -Vaughn has been in contact and will continue to coordinate

    Financial Report
    Income for Feb $2038.35
    Money out $5125.11
    Cash on hand $3691.06

    Other Business
    Additional Kamloopsmakerspace domains
    -Kamloopsmakerspace.org is available
    -Examine idea of adding domain when hosting is transferred
    Solar power composter
    -Vaughn to follow up for information

    Meeting adjourned at 8:39

    Appendix 1 - Area Inventory
    225sf ?
    -Entry and Storage
    -Needs a major cleaning, re-organization and re-allocation of shelving
    -How can it be a better ‘Makerspace Entrance’?
    –Bike rack or hanger for spring/summer

    100sf ?
    -Functional and reasonably clean.
    -Upgrade / organization ideas? Additional shelving?
    -Closed cupboards or doors on cupboards?
    -Dishwasher hooked up?
    Coordinator: Ashley

    Lounge, workshops
    -Display of work, Space Status, Coats
    -Big flat screen
    -Couches are very dirty – dog hair an issue?
    -More could be done with shelves and art, etc to use walls
    -Better spot for tools and supplies?
    -Is there a non-fluorescent secondary lighting option? Lamps or track?
    -Piano – should it go?
    Coordinator: Chainmail Dave

    -Computers, hacking, storage of electronics, meetings, CNC mill, non-functional 3D printers,
    -Shelving could be filled in / optimized
    -Lighting improved?
    -Cull non-viable/useless gack?
    Coordinator: John MIPS

    -Solder, assemble, store, magazine shelves, glue guns and fasteners
    -Well organized now, but not used frequently.
    -Ron_Ron has done wonders on the organization.
    Coordinator: Colin Patch and Ron_Ron?

    -Office desk, computer, filing, lock box, storage,Hole punch, paper cutter, stapler, stationary
    -Better organized now, but still not optimizing the space.
    -Is it possible to use it better? For something else? Do we really need an ‘office’?
    Coordinator: Grant?

    Fab Shop
    800 sf?
    -Laser cutter, Scorpion mill, spray booth, paint cabinet, metal working
    -Needs more shelving and organization – space could be more optimized
    -Organization – tools, fastners and materials
    -Need slot built against wall in hallway to hold laser materials better.
    -Organize tools – tools at hand
    Coordinator: Pierre?

    Back Hallway
    250 sf?
    -Storage – cubbys, rons shelf, laser materials
    -Make another 6 box cubbies
    -Rns shelf to cubbys – organize Rons stuff
    -Do wide slot against wall to hold laser materials neater and flatter

    Womens Bathroom/Laundry/Shower room
    200 sf?
    -Washroom, bucket-water source, washer/dryer, empty shower stall
    -Need laundry table
    -Elecrolosis tank?
    -Scooter? Whats the plan there?
    -What to do with shower stall – move door to hallway? Welding? Storage?

    -CNC Router, table saw, shopsmith, chopsaw, work benches and tables, wood storage, compressed air, tool box shelving, etc
    -Need safety upgrade – guards on table saw and chop saw, more eye protection
    -Fire extinguisher check?
    -Need to cull non-working, non-viable tools
    -More cleats and tools at hand
    Coordinator: Bradley

    Design Lab
    -Vinyl cutter, weed and premask, design, scan and print, airbrushing, layout, easle painting, light tables, projectors,
    Flatfile, paper and films, paint, pens, pencils, etc
    -Needs 2 more L-shelves up high.
    -Paint cabinet
    -Vinyl storage upgrade
    -Needs shelving for Elmo, scanner, printer and vinyl cutter
    -Cleat system started – tools at hand
    -Workshops: Mighty Makers, Four Directions, Airbrush 101, Vinyl 101, Logo 101, Laser 101
    Coordinator: Vaughn

    -Fabric and leather sewing machines, fabric and textiles, craft supplies, LCD screen, glue guns, ironing
    -More shelving and table surfaces
    -Upgrade lighting to non-flouresent
    -Tools at hand?
    -Workshops: Sewing 101
    Coordinator: Megan

    Pottery Room
    -Work table and bench, shelving, pottery wheels, other pottery tools and supplies
    -Workshops: Amanda E. Coiled pots x2, plus Saturday drop-in, Janet
    Coordinator: Amanda Eccleston

    -Modular work surfaces, chairs, lighting, A/V support, power in center floor? Shelving?
    -Need to furnish
    -Need to write grants based on new classroom capability
    -Timo may be interested in doing the reno.
    Coordinator: Kile McKenna

    Kiln Room
    -2xkiln, glazing bench, sink with filter system
    -Writing Community Arts Grant to finance
    -Timo may volunteer reno
    -A major undertaking – need to bite it off in stages.
    Coordnator: Janet Whitehead

    Total area 4235 sq/ft?

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