Anyone want to represent the Makerspace at a hackathon followed by a LAN party?

  • Saturday Feb. 11, 9AM, until the wee hours. Our CTO just asked me to see if anyone wants to set up a table, demo some shit, help folks out, or just generally participate.

    Proceeds to the TRU Comp Sci club.

    Starts with a presentation about this stuff:

    Followed by a day of building IOT stuff, with whatever ethernet or WiFI enabled gear you want to use. Prizes will be awarded for that.

    LAN party that night.

  • I talked to since folks during maker Monday tonight and current plan is to stage the totes for family day as a hack night project then use the setup for both events.

    Also… One of the example projects is how to do RFID keyfobs with a raspi and a Rest api…

  • @Ron_Ron you interested in doing some internet of things stuff? I’m thinking of hitting the Homeless Despot up for a Philips Hue smart LED kit, and then trying to make something awesome starting at this point:

    They have a wireless motion sensor for 30some bucks that would help some of my nefarious ideas.

  • I was asked if the MakerSpace had anything we’d want to offer as a prize for the IoT Hackathon… I’m thinking of suggesting a month of drop-in membership. Mostly because if I can get someone who spends a day building a contest-winning internet-enabled electronics project to show up at the space for a month, I’m likely to learn something interesting, and I hope they’ll find enough value to want to come back in future. Also, it is a small enough prize that if the space is not willing to donate it, I can fundraise for it myself. Anyone see a problem with that plan?

    VMug is putting up a Lego kit, KIC has an Arduino starter kit, there’s a cash prize too…

  • @pierre I think one month drop-in is a great idea and could spur someone to become a full-time member.

  • Sadly I work that day. IoT Is on my list of things to do. I am very interested inn IoT.

  • I could probably help out, @pierre if someone else is going. The colorhue project sounds sweet. I am just not confident enought in my programming abilities to take it on on my own. I have messed around with node-red on a pi before and gotten it to do some stuff. I am good at copying and pasting code and modifying it to do the things I want. That’s about it.

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    @pierre normally I am not in favour of any trade/barter for memberships, but in this case I would fully support donating a one month membership for a prize.

  • As I said, I’ll happily fundraise for it… By which I mean that I’ll offer to cover the $50 out of pocket and see if anyone wants to split the cost with me. :)

  • Totes have been unleashed. @tinfoilknight and I are at the blue mix presentation now. We will likely internet enable the creepy doll at the hackathon.

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    @pierre oh god, the thing that that doll does not need it the possibility of machine consciousness forced in by the cyber webs. DON’T DO IT! The future of humanity could depend on this decision.

  • We need a physical avatar for the next generation of the MicroSoft Tay project… So the corporate overlords don’t have such an easy time murdering it.

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    @pierre, that doll will justify the overlords murder of Tay! Especially when it starts harvesting material from the current Trump ideology bubbles residing in some parts of teh cyberwebs

  • Did anyone take a video of this famous web enabled doll @Grant-Fraser made? I could not make it to hackaton, but would love to try and watch it in action :scream:

  • She is in the office now… I accidentally broke her neck shifting her from one tote to another (glue bond at the styrofoam) So before reattaching the head, I think I might try to add some “tendons” that can be controlled from something hidden in the base. Because the ability to move her arms slightly or rotate her head would be even more disturbing.

  • Wow, the most recent post for this thread just said "She is in the office now… I accidentally broke her neck "

    The lounge lizard must have missed one hell of a hackathon.

  • We can rebuild her. Stronger, creepier. More articulated.

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