Donations from Kamloops Sheet Metal

  • We received a big batch of donations this weekend. Kamloops Sheet Metal is downsizing and they are closing their current location up in Browes place. Mark, the owner was kind enough to donate several items to us that will be extremely handy when we move in and setup the space (hopefully by March).

    I took some of the stuff on Friday, and then @Nicholas and I made a couple of trips up there again this Saturday and took everything else that we had room to store. Here are some of the things we got:

    Two large industrial fan hoods. Don’t let the snow and dirt fool you, they are pretty much new.

    A workbench. We took the one on the left. It is a bit used as you can see, but still solid and has much life left in it.

    This thing (a trolley?) is pretty awesome. I think it would be great for storing consumables. It is very heavy at the bottom and rolls easily. But we had to use the forklift to load it onto truck.

    A few large plastic bins with four wheels at the bottom. They roll and turn very easily, but are not super stable if you put heavy stuff in them. Three are in good condition, one is ok, and the other one we may have to just take the wheels off of it. The rest in that picture are some smaller shelf and storage cabinet.

    A huge shelving unit. It is heavy duty and has doors on both sides so can also be used as part of a wall for separating two workshop areas. It might need a coat of paint, but it in good condition. @sireatalote (Aaron) loaded this one with forklift into the truck and @Nicholas unloaded it with a backhoe.

    We took the workbench in the middle. We also got two sheets of 4x8 and 4x10 OSB that we can use when renovating the space.

    @Nicholas is holding on to most of the stuff and I took what I could to my place. Proper ventilation and organization of stuff is very important in setting up the makerspace, and these stuff that we could will be extremely helpful for us to get those right.

    Thank you Mark and Aaron from Kamloops Sheet Metal for making this generous donation!

    Mark told us that despite closing the shop, he is not ready to quit just yet. He has taken the essential tools home and will be accepting contract work. If you know anyone that needs sheet metal work, feel free to give them a shout. I hope that for them all these change will be for the better and I wish them best of luck!

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    @arasbm Is there any need for more storage? I have no truck, but lots of room to store (dry, or outdoors, a little bit of heated space) if there’s more stuff.

    Learning and working on learning more!


  • @hdsheena that is good to know! I think I am ok for now, unless @Nicholas want to take you up on that offer.

    If we get any more donations before moving into the space, then we definitely going to need somewhere to store them.

  • I gotta ask, did you guys get the cast iron table saw? The table itself would make some good tools if it actually was cast iron and solid?

  • @Bishop No it went to someone else and it was stamped steel.

  • Thanks Nicholas, good old cast iron scrap seems hard to come by. I feel better knowing it was steel 😊

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