Events/Fundraisers/Workshops Master List

  • I have made a Google Doc with a (mostly) complete list of events/fundraisers/workshops we have attended/hosted/planned, have been invited to in the last two years and things we hope to be involved in/plan for the coming year.

    If there is anything I have missed or you would like to see planned please let me know.

    As well, if anyone knows the dates for these events that would be helpful too.

  • Design Lab

    Lets take a wide-view of what we are doing, where our resources are going and how they meet the needs of the membership - we have excellent ingredients here, all we need to do is focus on on our strengths and make an ongoing, sensible plan that takes our capacity and long term goals into account.

    The question is not “would a community event benefit from Makerspace participation”; clearly and by all measure it would. The Question is: " what roster of events makes sense for us in terms of our goals and capacity?" and by defining that we can focus our energy and create a predictable and manageable schedule that works.

    To be clear: it is better to do less, well, than to do everything poorly. Together we can set this agenda and forgo garden-variety uncertainty about “what we are doing”, while leaving the stage open for adaptable, on-the-fly, involvement as opportunity presents.

    I want to make a plan that allows adaptation and agility, while focusing on determined goals.

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