LeMans full arcade cabinet - possibility to have a home at the space?

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    I am wondering if anyone would be against me storing this somewhere at the space while I work on restoring/modding this cabinet. I might be able to pick it up from an auction for 50$, it is a complete box just not functioning. My plan is to switch out the old joystick system with something more modern like a logitech G27 wheel & pedals (which I am in the process of acquiring) and try and make my own shifter. Would be adding a computer and new lcd monitor so it can run modern racing games and emulate older games as well. I’m pretty excited about figuring out a way of making the coin slot module work as well.

    As far as where I could store it if everyone is ok about it, is in the front entrance doorway. I have enough light to work there and the cabinet should not be in the way of anything? At least I would think so.

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    Let me know what you guys think and if you are for or against having this stay at the space for a couple or permanently once it’s actually restored and functional.

    Thanks a lot!!

    (The first image is the actual one I am bidding on, 2nd is just an example of what it looks like)


  • Damn. We had a 5-speed shift linkage in the metal room a little while ago. Would have been really cool to use an actual shifter and just let it hit microswitches, or put a magnet on the end and a bunch of reed switches where it shifts.

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    @derpko, I’m all for it. As long as it is as out of the way as possible, and is being worked on (as opposed to being stored long term), I don’t see an issue.

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    So I got it for 50$, going to try and pick it up sometime tomorrow.

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    @derpko This is hawt sauce. Does it stay in driving config, or do you redo the panel for joystick games?

    Gawd, grant me two player bubble bobble and Joust and I can die a happy man…

  • @Vaughn There’s a pretty good 100 game collection machine at the Fun Factor that plays those two games and many more. I know for sure that it plays those two because they’re in my all-time favorite list.

    The Bubble Bobble version they released for the Nintendo DS is awesome too. Ashley and I spent a long ass time beating that game when she was still working 2AM-10AM shifts… We’d hit Tim’s and get bagels and creamcheese and sit in the parking lot playing it waiting for her shift to start most mornings.

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