The 100th Hack - Wednesday, May 17th 5 pm to May 21st 9pm (100 hours)

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    The Kamloops Makerspace boasts 86 consecutive weekly open house HACK NIGHTS (the first was June 17th, 2015), which is a big deal in terms of the inclusiveness and transparency of our organization. When I am promoting the Space in the community, it is a powerful tool to be able to say, “Come Wednesday - ANY Wednesday - and check out the Makerspace”.

    It is brilliant and I salute those that started this great tradition, beginning at Kamloops Innovation, I believe. (Perhaps the long-timers could post here about the beginnings of Hack NIght and some funny stories about it, ect. so we have an archive?)

    In admiration of Hack Night’s 100th anniversary, I propose the following:

    THE 100th HACK

    Wednesday, May 17th (our 100th hack anniversary) to Wednesday May 24th (24 hours/7 days continuous)
    At Kamloops Makerspace with possible remote locations coordinated

    The Mission(s):

    • To keep the Makerspace open for 100 hours straight.

    • To build a giant, operational robot arm out of 3/4" plywood and aircraft cable and attach it to the building fire escape.

    • To host workshops, demos, and tours of the Makerspace.

    • To raise money for the Kamloops Makerspace.

    The Players:

    • All able bodied and willing Makerspacers
    • All related, interested and available tech people (like Scorpion, TRU, Kamloops Innovation, etc)
    • Young people - field trippers, after schoolers, home schoolers, etc.

    This idea needs polishing and I am sure there are other great spin-offs on this, but you get the idea!

    I realize it will be alot of work, and Ill do my part of the coordination, but what an awesome opportunity to show our stuff, do something memorable, make a killer prop for the building and kick the summer off proper.

  • This is an great idea @Vaughn ! Thank you!

    For me the hack night story started about three years ago, when I decided to come back to kamloops. I was very interested in technology and so I started googling for organizations and events that support hacking and making – in the Kamloops area. I was so surprized that I could not find a makerspace in Kamloops. The closest thing to a makerspace that I could find a record of, was the monthly hack night by Kamloops Innovation. As soon as I arrived in Kamloops, I went to Kamloops Innovation and then started attending the monthly hack night meet ups. We had a lot of interesting conversations, but for me it was never enough to just talk about ideas. I wanted to build things. Over the next few months I started to organize the hack nights for Kamloops Innovation. @Kimberely, @amanda and @lincolns from Kamloops Innovation showed a great amount of trust and supported my efforts to start a makerspace in Kamloops. They gave me a key to the generator room at TRU and told me that we could use that to host events and workshops to help grow our maker community. I started this forum and over the next several months (until June 2015) I hosted the hack nights at the TRU generator room. We started to run event more frequently sometimes twice or three times in one month, and the momentom started to build up.

    Some of the people that used to attend hack nights on those early days, before we had the space, include @sireatalote @hdsheena @dhylands @meagan @Nicholas. I also know that before I picked up the hack night events with Kamloops Innovation, @pierre and @teastman were running the monthly event.

    In June 2015 we got our first space in the building that we currently occupy. Since we finallly had the makerspace we had been talking about for a long time, it made a lot of sense to move hack nights to makerspace. I discuss this with Kamloops Innovation and they supported the idea. Then I made a suggestion to merge our weekly meeting with hack nights and host them every wednesday. I was hoping for less meeting and more making, and that is exactly what happened. The weekly wednesday hack nights took off and was more popular than ever before. We eventualy opted for moving the board meeting to a different night, since hack nights were very eventful. To this day Kamloops Innovation promotes our hack night event and they have helped us along the way whenever they could – so I am very thankful to them.

    It has been a great journey and makes me so happy to come to makerspace on Wednesday nights and see the place buzzing with creative ideas and excitement.

    Thank you againn @Vaughn for this great idea. I would definitely be interested in contributing to the robot arm and will help with the other projects whenever I can.

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    I like the idea of the robot arm but I really think we could make something better / more portable during 100th hack night week. I’m thinking something that’s tote-able for different events because we have a limited amount of projects we can bring. It would be awesome to have a new “centerpiece” for our events that members built as a larger group. We have enough diversity to create and allow every member to add their touch to whatever the project may be.

    That’s my take for that, how are we planning on keeping the space open 24/7 for a week?

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    @derpko you’re probably right - Ive just always wanted to build a giant working robot arm! Lets talk about it at Member Meeting?

  • I have been working on a plan for this event and a description to begin blasting on social media. So far my rough description is as follows:

    “In order to celebrate the milestone of hosting 100 consecutive Hack Nights at the Kamloops Makerspace, we are proud to invite you to our Hundred Hour Hack running from Wednesday, May 17th at 5PM to Sunday, May 21st at 9PM! We are planning a variety of activities and workshops running 100 hours straight! Concurrently, we will be building a collective project which showcases the capabilities of the Kamloops Makerspace. Wednesday evening is free for all to come, admittance by donation for the rest of the weekend (recommended minimum $5 per day).”

    We should probably first decide on what the big project should be. There was some good ideas thrown around yesterday so I encourage any other suggestions be posted here with a feasibility assessment to complete the project over the 5 days. I have also drawn up a spreadsheet that we can book the workshops/events on and a volunteer sign up schedule (

    There has also been a discussion of food being available for purchase so that is something else we will have to potentially organize with various sponsors (Senor Frogs, Kami Pizza, the Donair Place, Save-On Foods, etc…).

    Anybody who is available to help out on the planning of this event please let me know and we can have a meeting soon!

  • Would there be foodsafe or licensing issues with selling food?
    I think we could also sell laser cut goodies too perhaps? Eg: little boxes, @Vaughn’s wallets, picture frames, wooden sunglasses, whistles, toys, robot arm kits?

  • Re: Food… We’ve done it before. But it might have been a beg-forgiveness vs. ask-permission thing.

    For big events, we normally get Reubin’s or somebody to come cater it. But that is less profitable for the space.

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    I’m willing to host the LAN party friday or saturday night whichever one we decide on and trying to brainstorm a possible workshop for the event as well.

  • @derpko You can do something easy and simple and fun. Set up a few more pcs, run simple simulations. I remember at one time steam had a small nasa moon walk simulation. Where people can walk in and just play something.

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    @n0pe possibly of htc vive??? :-)

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    I have a few vr demos and games, even though I have no hardware

  • @derpko Yeah man. I have a bummed out lighthouse but I should see if I can get it going. If we can designate a space for it I will see about making it available.

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    @n0pe perfect we’ll stay in touch and make this event epic - im thinking setting up some tournament ladder, I guess I’ll make it fair and won’t make counterstrike hahahahhaha

  • This is also a good time to reach out to groups, people and companies to set up demos. Networking on many levels. What ever it may be. Anything from VR to 3d printers…

  • 0_1490326071819_1490326038106-336592002.jpg
    I found this frame in the fab shop. It had lots of pre drilled aluminum bars. I think we could remake it into an octopus

  • @Grant-Fraser said:

    I think we could remake it into an octopus

    Can you remake it into an octopus that provides shade and shelter? Because that would be awesome. Or animatronic…

  • An octopus that provides shelter is called a tent. That frame had no cloth so making it into a tent would me a big project for someone else. Probably more cost effective to buy a new tent. Standing under an octopus does sound cool.
    I was starting to think along the lines of making a moon lander.

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    I would like to propose hoisting of the flag as one of the keystone events for the 100th hack. We could craft the flag over the 100 hours. I’m seeing multiple layers of orange and black fabric. Would addressable LEDs be to much? Okay stupid question. Anyhow, I think this one would be worth doing, and would provide a nice ceremonial event.

  • We should probably do a quick site survey to make sure the pole is fastened firmly to the building… Flags take a surprising amount of beating.

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