Oscilloscope Workshop - Thursday March 16 6-8pm

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    Hello everybody,

    Would anyone be interested in a scope seminar and workshop on March 16th? Looks like that day is devoid of other events. Let me know!

  • I will be there for your workshop @colin ! Have been waiting for this for so long.

    I am guessing you want Thursday March 16th from 6pm to 8pm booked at the space. Right?

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    Assuming the date is amenable for the majority of everyone wanting to attend, then yea, 6-8 pm will work : D

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    Awesome - we filled March with workshops!!!

  • Date is good. Im in

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    Can you provide the following information for the class:

    Name of Class:
    Date and Time, including the day of the week:
    Where? Makerspace Lounge?
    FREE for Makerspace Members, $40 non-members
    Limit 6 people

    A blurb on the class, like this:
    “Join Makerspace Design Lab co-ordinator Vaughn Warren for a introduction to the airbrush. Topics will include a review of styles and use of the airbrush, basic operation and maintenance, materials considerations, computer and laser cut stencils, choosing an airbrush that is right for your needs and a hands on opportunity for participants.”

    Please RSVP on the this thread in the Forum, or email vaughn@vaughnwarren.com

    Limit of 6 people

    Ill post it to the calender and run an ad on facebook once you provide the details. An image to include makes the ad more effective, so choose one and post it here.


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    Introduction to Oscilloscopes
    March 16, 6pm-8pm
    Makerspace Lounge

    Fee: FREE for Makerspace Members, $40 non-members

    Limit 8 people

    In this workshop we will be covering the basics of oscilloscopes. An oscilloscope is a type of electronic test instrument that allows observation of constantly or varying voltage signals
    We will cover using oscilloscopes for digital and small analog signal acquisition, with focus on prototyping.
    A tutorial covering the basics of oscilloscopes:
    -How oscilloscopes work,
    -analog and digital comparison
    -Equivalent circuits and block diagrams
    -Horizontal - Timing and Scanning
    -Vertical - Voltage and trigger
    -How to connect to a circuit and isolation
    -Finding your signal
    Signal Generator Input - find your signal without cheating (no auto calibration)
    555 Timer circuit - dial in your timer frequency. Find the timing error, jitter, and skew.
    Analog composite TV signal - Identify the different sections of a composite tv signal (sync, color bar, intensity staircase)
    PWM troubleshooting - verify and observe that your PWM signal is working correctly
    USB and eye diagrams - verify that your USB signal passes an eye diagram

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  • This outline looks great. Can’t wait.

  • More people need to take this workshop! If you are interested in troubleshooting or building electronic projects, this is a pretty useful skill to learn and @colin is a great person to teach it.

    @ColeVanD @Ron_Ron @Grant-Fraser @Stephen @helen @Chris @sireatalote @dk @n0pe @Jacob-S @MIPS @derpko and anyone else interested in @Electrics-and-Robotics

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  • Hey Colin, I’ll make sometime to try and make the workshop as early as I can. I have office work that week and a concert in another town the previous day, but I will front $40 for the course, whether I arrive or am late to it.

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    Awesome, thanks @Vaughn!

    I look forward to seeing you there @Jacob-S, I have access to 4 scopes and so there will be 4 demos set up. So imagined 2 people per demo for a total of 8, but we could get away with 3 or even 4 people per demo, and then rotate.

    I’m actually not sure if anyone has RSVP’d or where I can check that?

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    Confirmed class list:


    I shared the ad on facebook again just now - I wonder what else we can do to get the word out?

  • I paid Okanagan college to teach me this skill already. Shit equipment and instruction left this and other sections of my training in limbo.
    Based on the course outline presented above I can tell this is going to be worth every second of my time and money. Please sign up.

  • Hey @Vaughn, I think I should post this course on the Shuswap Makerspace, knowing that there are probably a few people that would find this course useful.

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    @Jacob-S. of course! share like crazy. It would be good to get peeps on facebook to share more as well

  • Is this a go?

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    @bct, yes I’ll be setting up in the lounge on Thursday, @Vaughn has posted on the calendar and Facebook

  • Great see you there.

  • Is this class full?